Firebrand Aussie Hanson Says Corby Should Stay in Bali Jail


Australia’s former firebrand rightwing politician Pauline Hanson says convicted drug trafficker Schapelle Corby should stay in jail in Bali.

Hanson, who went to jail in Australia over corruption charges relating to her parliamentary expenses as leader — and sole national parliamentary member — of the One Nation party, says in a magazine interview published this week that Australian taxpayers should not have to pay to keep Corby in jail at home.

She told Woman’s Day: “She was convicted on drug charges in Bali and that’s where she must do her time. That’s unless, of course, our government is prepared to seek an exchange programme with other countries.

“Our jails, especially in Queensland from my experience, are far too soft for convicted murderers, rapists, drug traffickers, paedophiles and now our ever-increasing numbers of people smugglers.”

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh last year backed a bid by Corby’s family to have Corby, a former student beautician, her serve her jail time in Australia.

Corby was sentenced to 20 years’ prison in 2005 for bringing 4.2 kilograms of marijuana into Bali the year before. After losing a string of appeals, the 32-year-old earlier this year applied for clemency from President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, a move that required her admission of guilt.

A top psychiatrist retained by the Corby family warned that she would not survive her sentence if she remained in Kerobokan Jail, saying she was “hanging on by a thread.”

Hanson, a former fish-and-chip-shop owner, spent 11 weeks in jail in Queensland in 2003 following her own conviction but was released on acquittal at an appeal hearing.

Australia has proposed a prisoner exchange treaty with Indonesia but talks on this have dragged on for years with no progress.

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13 Responses to “Firebrand Aussie Hanson Says Corby Should Stay in Bali Jail”

  1. steve Says:

    no one cares about corby here in bali and rest of indonesia, they think she should harden up an shut up and do her time. they got caught that time but done it before and the rest of them are letting her carry the can,the wrong person had the day off or werent paid enough,boo who

  2. Jill Horner Says:

    Is that what YOU think, ‘Steve’?

    It is pointless arguing truth with some people. Schapelle is innocent and the world knows it, because the world looks at evidence and fact.

    The fact that a racist biggot is now trying to damn Schapelle’s chances of survival, to make money, is bound to attract the nasties, who just want to hurt a mentally ill woman. The usual keyboard cowards will seize upon it to kick someone who is already broken.

    This is a stain on both Australia and Indonesia. Watching her fall apart, and ultimately die (and she will die) will harm both nations for generations to come, as both will be synonymous with this cruel travesty.

    Hopefully the Indonesian regime will see this, and not be influenced by the lowest sections of society.

  3. Laura Hart Says:

    No-one cares about Schapelle? Yeh, right. How about this womens group which didn’t exist 3 months ago:

    Jill is spot on. The world is sick of this poor woman being tortured to death. Sick of monsters posting their support in places like this. Sick of governments hiding from this abuse. And yes, sick of The Bali Times printing hostile propaganda and damaging stories against her.

  4. Peta Smith Says:

    Actually, I heard a whisper on the grapevine that some VERY big names have a smash-hit song on the pipeline about Schapelle . . . and I reckon when it hits the streets, Bali won’t be able to GIVE holidays away, let alone sell them . . .

  5. todd Says:

    how can pauline hanson comment she i think lives in the uk.

  6. todd Says:

    dont forget pauline also went to jail in austrailia.

  7. Celliso Says:

    Pauline Hanson is the same racist women who would not allow Australian Muslims or any foreigner to buy her million dollar home that was for sale.. This women is a disgrace! I wish Corby the best of luck for her appeal, I do not believe she received a fair nor just trial just as many Indonesians also don’t.

  8. chattygirl Says:

    I am amazed at this attitude. I had always thought you were misunderstood for your beliefs Pauline. The Bible says” you without sin cast the first stone.” I think that before you start throwing stones you should take a look at yourself. Also,if you research Shapelle Corby’s case, you would see that there is so much evidence to show that there has been a cover up. The amount of squashed evidence that could have freed her was overwhelming. My heart goes out to this Ms Corby who has been used as a scape goat for a much more sinister plot.

  9. Catlin Says:

    Steve you obviously do care as you took the time out to make a comment.. A highly defamatory comment at that..

  10. Peta Smith Says:

    Why didn’t The Bali Times also mention THIS about the disgusting racist Pauline Hanson . . .

  11. steve Says:

    just because they dont have much off police records just means they were really good at doing it for sometime and got caught one time,as i said i still havnt come accross many people living here that actually beleive the corby team is innocent,. as for mcjannett what a wally…all that for a couple of joints thats really smart, would of been better put it up his bum and he will be crying for rest off is life too because he got caught.

  12. shorty Says:

    a superb irony, you’re at the final appeal stage…..

    if you are a corby supporter would you want mcjannett as an avocat?

    if you are anti corby would you want hanson?

    in the current touchy feely meaningless terminology…..’a loose/loose situation’

  13. chattygirl Says:

    Steve, I am not sure if you are saying that most people in Bali do not believe the Corby team to be innocent or if you are saying Shapelle is not innocent. As for most Indonesian’s believing Shapelle should harden up and do the time, easy for people to speculate, however, I would not compare the Australian way of life with that of the Indonesian. It is a 3rd world country and our’s is an affluent country. Their lives are tough anyway, so I feel that a life in prison over there would not differ drastically from the poverty seen around Bali.

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