Police to Protect ‘Sex Clip’ Stars from Islamists


Police are to detain two television starlets who allegedly appear in sex videos posted online, after furious Islamic extremists threatened to do it themselves.

Rather than promising to defend the stars’ homes or arrest the radical extremists making the threats, police said they would detain Luna Maya, 29, and Cut Tari, 32, for their own protection.

“The reason is not simply to arrest them but to protect them from mass organisations that are furious,” chief detective Ito Sumardi told reporters on Wednesday.

The women — models and television presenters — allegedly appear in separate homemade sex videos with rock singer Nazril Ariel, 28.

Ariel surrendered to police on Tuesday, facing up to 12 years in jail for alleged breaches of the 2008 anti-pornography law. He denies uploading the clips to the Internet.

The clips have been widely shared among the country’s 40 million internet users, stirring a raging debate about web freedoms and fuelling calls for tighter controls on information technology.

The controversy took an ugly turn on Tuesday when about 1,000 Islamist extremists rallied in central Jakarta to demand the stars be publicly caned or stoned to death for adultery.

And on Wednesday the Islamic Defenders Front — a vigilante group known for its unprovoked armed assaults on liberals, transexuals and nightclubs — threatened to attack Maya and Tari unless they were arrested within three days.

“If police fail to arrest them, we will locate their houses and drag them to the police headquarters for detention,” group chairman Habib Salim bin Umar Alatas said, adding that hundreds of militants were standing by.

“Their acts have insulted Islam and will have a bad impact on the morality of our young generations,” he added.

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4 Responses to “Police to Protect ‘Sex Clip’ Stars from Islamists”

  1. Derek Says:

    Here we go again.

    FPI threatens to commit trespassing, burglary, kidnapping and assault all in the name of religion.

    What kind of message do these types of violent acts send to our younger generation?

    And why do the Polisi bow down to their demands and turn a blind eye to their criminal ways (are they afraid of retaliation or do they simply support the FPI behind the scenes)?

    Laws are made for “all” to obide by yet “selective enforcement” of the laws runs rampant.

    I understand and respect Indonesia’s new pornography law (as it was probably written with good intent) but why is it okay to run around in a mob commiting violent acts and simply hide behind your songkok?

    If there are hundreds of militants standing by ready to commit violent acts, there should be thousands of polisi standing by ready to stop them in their tracks.

  2. warga bali Says:


  3. dave Says:

    Uhhuh…does the Islamic Defenders Front,who i view as a band of fanatic nutcases,plan to do something about all the hookers as well?
    many(maybe 90%) of the prostitutes in Bali are from Java and other islands, and most are Muslim,as are most of the hookers in
    jakarta….going to round them up and stop the moral decline, fellas? idiots….

  4. jerry Says:

    If these Islamic radical are so intent on keeping Indonesia pure, why don’t they start with places like “Dollies” in SBY or “M block” in Jakarta. These places are some of the largest red-light districts in the world. Perhaps they could cane or stone to death all the workers and clients there.

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