Bali’s New Banker: Medan native Christopher Wilaras has opened Bali’s newest bank, BPR Legian, with a focus on small businesses and farmers. It was a process, he says, that involved deep oversight from Bank Indonesia, the central bank. Read our interview below. (Photo: The Bali Times)

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  1. Suharto Sasrowiyono Says:

    Appreciate if yu can provide the following info:

    1. Number of ATM BPR Legian has been installed?
    2. Number of exising BPR Legian ATM Card holder?
    3. Who act as BPR Legian ATM Card Issuer?
    4. In issuing ATM Card, is there any partnership with other Commercial Bank?

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  2. Suharto Sasrowiyono Says:

    Corection of the e-mail addess

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