Tests Prove Alleged Serial Child Rapist Sane


Accused serial child rapist Mochammad Suharto David, also known as The Invisible Codet, has tested sane in psychiatric and psychological examinations ordered by the police when he claimed after his arrest in May that he had been forced to commit the acts through witchcraft.

Chief investigator Arief Sugiarto said: “From the results of psychological tests, there is no problem of mental disorder. The suspect had previously confessed to the deed because of supernatural promptings, but we don’t believe him.”

Sugiarto, speaking at a reconstruction of one of five child rapes allegedly carried out by Suharto, said the accused had carefully chosen his victims, all of whom he duped into going with him from their schools because (he said) their parents had asked him to pick them up.

“By choosing underage children as his victims he believed he was safe from identification. This was the case in Batam [where Suharto was suspected of serial child rape but fled to Bali before police could act] but one of his Bali victims was able to identify him,” Sugiarto said.

The series of abductions and rape of primary school age girls led to an outcry in Denpasar and to new school security measures including mandatory school-sourced ID for people picking children up at the gates.

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3 Responses to “Tests Prove Alleged Serial Child Rapist Sane”

  1. warga bali Says:

    God i am beyond upset heart brokened to all this happened, It is so many child rapes in bali or child abused this has to stop, The gaverment has to take a serius actions to this matter, I had read a child got rapes by they own sibling or relatif including they own father.

  2. carolyn sommers Says:

    This rapist needs to be killed in a horrible way as any man who rapes. The government needs to protect children from rapist whether they are raped from a family member or stranger.

  3. warga bali Says:

    agree with carolyn

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