Iranian Drug Smugglers Given Life Sentences in Bali


The Denpasar District Court sentenced eight Iranians to life in prison on Tuesday for smuggling hundreds of methamphetamine tablets in their stomachs into Bali.

“The accused were proven legally and convincingly guilty of smuggling narcotics in large numbers,” chief judge Djumain told the court.

Indonesia enforces stiff penalties, including life imprisonment and death, for drug trafficking.

The sentences were stiffer than the 18-year terms sought by prosecutors as their “actions could destroy the nation’s youths,” judges said.

The Iranians said they would appeal against the sentences.

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6 Responses to “Iranian Drug Smugglers Given Life Sentences in Bali”

  1. Kay Danes Says:

    The Indonesian authorities have shown leniency here in lieu of execution. It will be an interesting one to watch, pending an appeal, given that it is reported that they had the drugs inside them.

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  3. peter Says:

    where is the comparison. 4 of the Bali 9 get the death penalty for trying to take drugs out of bali and the 8 Iranians get life for bringing drugs into Bali,dont figure

  4. Kay Danes Says:

    Inconsistencies are prevalent and some of which rests on the actions of the offenders at the time of arrest through to the actual court proceedings. Whether or not they cooperate or fake amnesia etc… the quantities of illicit drugs and the type. It can also depend too on what is occurring politically and a whole range of other factors. but I have to agree with you.. it is rather difficult to see the reasoning in sentencing when, as you say, others now on death row were attempting to take drugs OUT of the country. Good point.

  5. warga bali Says:

    stay away from drugs people

  6. Kay Danes Says:

    A good warning Warga Bali but unfortunately there’ll always be a steady supply of people who think they are smarter than the rest, or in debt and think a one time deal/run will get them out of the hole they’ve dug themselves in to… or the addict looking to fund their addiction and thus become so driven by desperation that they’ll risk everything for their next fix. The sales people who recruit these drug mules are very good at what they do… they make it all sound so believable and give examples of the many times they’ve gotten away with it… but the law enforcement agencies will inevitably catch up with them and then the price they may pay .. could be far more than they ever expected.

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