Half Nusa Penida Villages ‘Poor’


Eight of Nusa Penida’s 16 villages are officially poverty-stricken, sub-district head Made Sudiarka Jaya has told Klungkung regency officials.

He said four of the villages also suffer severe water shortage, a perennial problem on the island.

“This is clearly a job that is not easy for Klungkung to handle alone,” Sudiarka told a meeting on Nusa Penida last weekend.

The regency has been working on the water issue but the island has only one secure source of fresh water, the Guyangan spring, and terrain and lack of money make it difficult for many of Nusa Penida’s 58,000 people to access water from there.

“I often receive complaints from the public about water shortages due to the inadequate supply from the Guyangan pipeline,” Sudiarka said.

Recent data show 3,888 households, representing about 13,000 people, are officially living in poverty.

The meeting was briefed on measures to lift local incomes by integrating farming – so that small plots can work together – and introducing mixed farming (crops and cattle) to the island’s traditional dry-land farming environment.

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    please e mail me so i can get in touch with you and want to know about the water shortage and how i can help

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