Tourist Drowns at Kuta Beach; Two Missing


A domestic tourist from Java was dragged out to sea at Kuta Beach and drowned while two others are missing, officials said.

The victim was a 14-year-old boy on a school trip from a West Java high school whose body was found floating off the beach on Wednesday morning.

Search teams are continuing to scour the waters for the two other missing students.

Lifeguards stationed along Kuta Beach warn swimmers of the threat of powerful currents by placing flags on the beach but fatalities nevertheless occur.

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One Response to “Tourist Drowns at Kuta Beach; Two Missing”

  1. Colleen Says:

    I was holidaying in Bali when this tragedy occured. It was so sad, but in a lot of ways predictable that it was going to happen to some-one. The Lifeguards do a fantastic job of patrolling the Beach and need to be applauded. On the other hand both Locals and Tourists, make their job so hard by ignoring the red flags and swimming where they are placed. I watched as Parents took their toddlers out beside a red flag and Tourists walked right past the flags and into the water. The Lifeguards would rush down blowing his whistle and calling for them to leave the water, which they did. As soon as the Lifeguard walked away they went straight back in, or others ignored the warning. Accolades to the Life Guards you are doing a great job, and I hope you feel no guilt when these idiots ignore you and tragedy strikes.

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