Australian Arrested over Cocaine Possession

Angus McCaskill in police custody on Sunday. (Photo: The Bali Times/Ashtra Effendy)


A New Zealand-born Australian man has been arrested in Bali allegedly in possession of 3.58 grams of cocaine and faces 12 years in prison, police said.

Angus McCaskill, 57, was picked up by police at the Pepito supermarket complex in Tuban, near the airport, on Wednesday and was found to have five packets of cocaine in his possession, police said.

“After he was examined, he was proven to be in possession of five packets of cocaine, in his wallet and trousers pockets,” said an officer with Kuta Police who declined to be named.

McCaskill is being held at Kuta Police Headquarters for interrogation, Kuta Police chief Wimboko confirmed.

He told a news conference on Sunday that the suspect was on a three-month holiday in Bali and worked for an investment firm in Australia. A urine test showed positive for cocaine, he said.

McCaskill, who was brought to the conference, said he was “very, very sorry” and that he had been “very, very drunk. I watched the World Cup and drank a lot of alcohol.”

New Zealand media reported that McCaskill had changed his name from Willie Rare and had worked as an investment adviser in Australia.

An officer at Kuta Police Headquarters told The Bali Times on Sunday that the suspect was born in New Zealand but had become an Australian citizen. He said six packets were found on McCaskill but the contents of one had been emptied.

Police said they had been carrying out surveillance on McCaskill’s villa in Seminyak following information from local residents.

If found guilty, McCaskill could be jailed for a maximum 12 years and fined Rp8 billion (US$884,000).

Also this week, three foreign students studying in Bali were arrested allegedly in possession of drugs.

The three were identified as American Patrick Leland, 19; Leon Vrielink, 21, from the Netherlands; and German national Mischa Karsen, 19.

Badung Police chief Dwi Suseno said they were found with 820 grams of marijuana and 4.6 grams of hashish and could face up to four years in prison.

Indonesia’s harsh drugs laws have not thwarted a wave of drug smuggling into and out of the country.

Three Australians, part of the so-called Bali Nine group, are on death row for their part in a drug-smuggling operation from Bali to Australia.

Fellow Australian Schapelle Corby is serving a 20-year prison term for smuggling 4.2 kilograms of marijuana into Bali.

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10 Responses to “Australian Arrested over Cocaine Possession”

  1. Sybille Says:

    will they never learn?

  2. Jasmine Says:

    Miss goody 2 shoes who sits at home picking her nose laying down judgement like God.

  3. warga bali Says:

    man all of you should of known better sty away from this shit .

  4. Robert Mcjannett Says:

    He will pay US$100,000 and get out in a few months. It’s all about money nothing to do with drugs.

  5. Robert Mcjannett Says:

    Get a life Hector! You know damn well thios guy wont get 12 years. He wont evenb get 1 year. He will get his bank account emptied.

  6. Carly Says:

    Robert mcjannett you got off lightly- you did the crime just not the time! When will you people learn, this is S E Asia & the death penalty applies here! Death or $100,000USD I know what I would take, just like you Robert Mcjannett. You were lucky you could get the cash now you are home milking every trashy magazine you can to pay back what you owe for your crime in bali. Don’t give hector a hard time or anyone else, you did it, you should still be there!

  7. BaliLife Says:

    I’m not so sure about that.. I could imagine balinese authorities making a real statment here and not letting him off easily (just with a fine to pay and get free).. He’s an expat! Not a stupid tourist who didn’t know better. They could try to show with this case what will happen to other residents if they think they’re smarter than the police…

  8. steve Says:

    mcjannets on his bike again, so what about the corruption ,to many of us minor corruption can work in our favour,what a big smoke screen….the issue is they broke the laws must pay big dollar and stop crying, brought drugs in broke the laws are junkies or druggies or both all the above, aint got much to do with corruption as corruption never got you into it but throws you a life line and you still cry

  9. margaret carr Says:

    Don’t do it anybody, not a big amount, or even an the smallest amount that you could imagine even if it is for personal use. What I object to though is the corruption of the balinese police and court officials and magistrates. Money certainly does talk and it’s not always about right or wrong, it’s about what can we, (the supposedly law-abiding officials) milk out of the situation for ourselves

  10. Lazuras Says:

    This guys a dick. He use to work for a firm called fintel financial intelligence and when he came round and saw us, he was high….and owes us money. He is a crim and always a crim. Sucked in the cheesy idiot mauri. Useless like all the other mauris out there. LOL

    Bloody druggie….good riddance.

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