‘Biggest Mistake of My Life,’ Says Cocaine-Arrested Australian


A middle-aged Australian man living in Bali said on Monday that he is “ashamed” at being caught with cocaine and feels he has let Australia down.

Speaking to The Bali Times at Kuta Police Headquarters, where he is being held, Angus McCaskill said he had committed “the biggest mistake of my life.”

The 57-year-old was arrested last Wednesday at the Pepito shopping complex in Tuban with what police said was 3.85 grams of cocaine in his possession. He faces up to 12 years in prison if convicted.

Angus McCaskill is not his real name, according to media reports from New Zealand, where the suspect was born, but Willie Rare, an investment advisor working in Australia, where he had become naturalised.

A Facebook account belonging to McCaskill contains photographs and a video of him partying with other foreigners in Bali. He said he has an “on-off” relationship with a woman from Texas, who was devastated upon hearing news of his arrest.

McCaskill has made multiple visits to Bali, police said, while Australian officials said he was a long-term resident of the island.

The suspect was brought before the media on Sunday at a police press conference but shielded his face with clothing.

He told The Bali Times on Monday: “I’m ashamed to have let Australia down. That’s what I feel.”

He said he had not encountered any difficulties in police detention.

“I’m being well treated. The people in the cell with me ask, ‘Who’s that foreigner?’ And then they come over and shake my hand and we introduce ourselves.”

McCaskill said that while the arrest was in progress, he didn’t think that was what was happening.

He said he was asked by police what was in the packets of cocaine and told them: “It’s medicine for diabetes.”

Kuta Police chief Wimboko confirmed that account.

“At first McCaskill said it was diabetes medicine and that he would drink it with orange juice or milk. Then we brought him to the police station and tested it and it was positive for cocaine,” he told The Bali Times.

McCaskill said he was drunk when police apprehended him. “But that is not an excuse. I know what I did was wrong. It’s the biggest mistake of my life. I’m aware of the implications of what I’ve done and I’m taking responsibility for it,” he said.

He said that his friends in Melbourne, where he was based in Australia, were astonished at what had happened to him.

“All my friends in Melbourne were shocked, and if someone had slapped me on the face that night (of drinking), I wouldn’t be where I am now. I should have gone home, not gone out to places around Ku De Ta like every tourist does,” he said, referring to an upmarket club and restaurant in Seminyak.

With reporting by Asthra Effendy

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7 Responses to “‘Biggest Mistake of My Life,’ Says Cocaine-Arrested Australian”

  1. warga bali Says:

    man i fell sorry for you but you taking it very well, i hate drugs in any kind i think they are one of the worst think on the planet i hope you can get out and learn from this mistake

  2. Robert Mcjannett Says:

    He will suffer at the hands of toxic media and corrupt police and judiciary. He will pay around US$100,000 and buy himself a short sentence. It’s a f…..g circus!

  3. John Power Says:

    guess all the other Charlies Angels on his facebook page are sweating in case the sniffer dogs call’round

  4. Kelly Says:

    “But that is not an excuse. I know what I did was wrong. It’s the biggest mistake of my life. I’m aware of the implications of what I’ve done and I’m taking responsibility for it,” he said.

    Well said! Hope he learns something from the experience.

  5. Devaram Says:

    I do not use drugs and I think drug dealers should get the death penalty but for Gods sake he’s just a tourist having a good time and hes got 3.5 grams of cocaine for his own use and they are talking 12 years in Indonesian prison or $100,000 bribe money?
    Hes talking like hes done something terribly wrong to ashamed of. Betrayed Australia ugh..
    Very sad, hopefully they will take pity on him.

  6. Steve Says:

    They’re all catching on to the latest defence: ‘I didn’t know it was in my bag officer’ or ‘those drugs aren’t mine’ or ‘You have to let me go because you’re all corrupt’.

    Turn it up!

  7. troy jeffries Says:

    What the bloody hell are you thinking, your in a country ( if you have not been alive for the past 10 years ) does not like drugs.Why is it that people cannot enjoy the beautiful culture and lifestyle when living or visiting BALI. Forget about life for awhile you silly man. You and all the other drug users deserve eveything you get. No sympothy from me.

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