Kuta Beach Has Great Views: That’s the Local ‘Wisdom’

The Bali Times

Domestic tourists — “wisdom” in the industry patois, for wisatawan domestik — are flocking to Kuta Beach this school holiday season, apparently driven in some cases by the opportunities to ogle foreign female tourists sunbathing there in bikinis that are a rare sight elsewhere in Indonesia.

The number of domestic tourists visiting the beach, usually a place dominated by foreign visitors, has tripled recently, according to local authorities.

As a result the beach has been crowded with Indonesians in the majority and parking beachside has been difficult. Bali tourism officials say the school influx has brought families from most major cities and also from other parts of Java, Sumatra and Sulawesi.

Kuta Beach, along with other Bali attractions, has long been a favourite with tourists. To some visitors, it is the chief “must see” spot on the island.

“If you haven’t been to Kuta Beach, you haven’t been to Bali,” said one East Java visitor, Lala.

“Besides, the beach is good for both sand and waves. And you can also see the [scantily clad] foreign women.”

Most Indonesian visitors to the beach also shop for souvenirs from beach sellers and kiosks. Increasing numbers are trying out the temporary tattoos on offer there.

“Compared to normal figures, domestic tourists visiting Kuta Beach have risen three-fold. This will continue to rise until after the long holiday season,” beach taskforce head Gusti Ngurah Tresna said this week.

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