Crime Rate Rises


Crime rates across Bali rose in the January-June period, according to new figures.

They also show that unsolved cases rose by 40 percent.

Details of some high-profile cases have not been revealed by police, especially in Gianyar, the data show.

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2 Responses to “Crime Rate Rises”

  1. Robert Mcjannett Says:

    Unsolved cases? Does that include the ones that got blackmailed in return for their freedom?

  2. josh daly Says:

    where you involved in blackmailing mcjannett no wonder no one wants to employ you in your little crane or vote for you in your failed attempts at the union why no one voted for you well mmmm lets see drug addict got set up never had taken drugs i didnt try and run and flush them down the toilet i triped and it looked like i was heading that way yer yer that sounds good oh i forgot i pissed positive ….BALI shame on you should off locked him up and classed that as an unsolved case or shit we lost the key you cant get out ,,,,

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