Ship Clearance Glitch Over Toll-Bridge Plans


Bali legislators want a proposed Tanjung Benoa-Serangan toll bridge built to help solve South Bali’s traffic problems even though it will limit port development at Benoa.

But Governor I Made Mangku Pastika told them a letter to the Ministry of Transportation pressing for action had not yet been sent. He said time was needed to properly compose such a letter.

The national government wants a minimum 44-metre clearance under a bridge over the harbour entrance but Bali’s government says it can only be 33 metres because anything higher would be a hazard to aircraft taking off and landing at the nearby Ngurah Rai International Airport.

Pastika said: “We have to formulate (the letter) first to avoid sending a flawed communication.”

The chairman of Commission III of the Bali House of Representatives, Agus Suradnyana, said the purpose of the letter from the governor was to underline Bali’s wishes for the lower clearance bridge.

“In the Jakarta meeting it was clear: if Bali chooses the toll bridge, Benoa will be unable to handle cruise ships and other larger ships, for which the port at Tanah Ampo is being prepared. And automatically this will help spread out development away from the over developed south of the island.”

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