Man Caught About to Rape Tourist at Kuta Beach: Police


A Balinese man pulled a 20-year-old Australian woman off her motorbike as she was passing Kuta Beach in the early hours of Monday morning and attempted to rape her, police said.

The woman was dragged to the beach and was about to be raped when a beach security officer spotted the act and seized the man, 24, Kuta Police chief Wimboko told The Bali Times.

The alleged incident occurred around 3.30am, he said, adding that the suspect was an ojek (motorcycle taxi) driver.

“She was riding a motorcycle when the man pulled her bag and hand and she fell to the ground and was dragged to the beach.

“The rapist was ready [to rape her], and that’s when the security guard caught him and handed him to the police in Kuta,” he said.

Wimboko said the woman was being treated for injuries at Sanglah Hospital in Denpasar.

A similar incident of alleged rape of a 30-year-old Australian woman by a local man was reported to Kuta Police last month.

With reporting by Ashtra Effendy

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9 Responses to “Man Caught About to Rape Tourist at Kuta Beach: Police”

  1. warga bali Says:

    kill this guy or lock him up for life

  2. Robert Mcjannett Says:

    Gee what a wonderful paradise island go to bali get set up with drugs,thrown into jail or get pulled off your motor bike and raped on Kuta beach WHAT A DUMP!!

  3. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    Om Swastiastut,

    I am not surprised by this incident.
    When will the media wake up and report the goings on in Legian/Kuta/Jalan Dhyana Pura after 11 p.m. instead of wasting airtime and column space on documentary films etc.

    And when will the powers that be realize that Bali is NOT FOR SALE AT ANY COST.

    Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om

  4. Bruce Says:

    Unfortunately it can happen anywhere.

  5. BintangBuddy Says:

    A sad occurrence but Bali is not alone in these problems. Mark Ulyseas (sic) is correct about the selling of Bali, but it is inevitable. Mark knows about these things through experience, I suggest.

  6. edi Says:

    Seng ken ken! Seng na wang! Seng ada apa deh!

  7. Olivia Says:

    OMG, I am going to Bali,Kuta tomorrow.
    Now i am scared!

  8. steve Says:

    mcjannet youve had your 5 minutes of fame less,you would have to be the stupedest mother,spend time in a jail and loose too many thousands for what a couple of joints,and jumping on the im innocent every westerner not guiltty that comes before the courts,should of put it up your bottem,should be thankfull of corruption your out arent you. whate next sell your weight loss program and write a book,

  9. Claire Says:

    This can and dose happen all over the world …no need to feel fear from what you hear just live your life and enjoy it all the same as anything can happen at anytime anywhere in our beautiful world !

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