Clash at Legian Club Injures One

61 Legian, scene of Sunday's skirmish, was cordoned off on Monday morning. (Photo: The Bali Times)


A brawl erupted on Sunday night between security officers at a Legian nightclub and a group trying to force their way onto the premises, police said.

Six men attempted to enter the 61 Legian complex in the heart of Kuta’s night scene and were prevented by security because they did not have admission tickets.

The men, described as “tattooed and heavily built,” produced machetes and a clash erupted, sending at least one of them to hospital with head wounds.

Tourists at the location and local residents fled the scene when the fighting broke out, witnesses said.

A security guard at the police sealed-off premises on Monday morning told The Bali Times that the group that turned up were from Karangasem regency in east Bali.

“They wanted to enter but they didn’t want to buy tickets,” he said. “They were told to buy tickets but didn’t want to, and then they became angry and started fighting.”

Police were called to the scene and restored order.

“Our officers are investigating the motive of this attack. We have not yet gotten information from the victim because he is still in intensive care,” Kuta Police chief Wimboko said.

61 Legian is home to a number of clubs, including the well-known Sky Garden. A similar clash at the nightspot broke out earlier this year between rival security guards.

It is expected to remain closed for at least two days.

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14 Responses to “Clash at Legian Club Injures One”

  1. Jens Says:

    Skye garden is dangerous. The new security have no training and only know how to punch and kick people.
    They are also arrogant and aggressive to everyone. If something is not done about that place soon there will be alot more of these fights happening. They are not only arrogant and aggressive with locals but also tourist. I know a few guys who have been bashed for no reason by the Skye security. It happens every night.

  2. Maria Says:

    “The men, described as “tattooed and heavily built,” produced machetes and a clash erupted”, because that’s what you do when you go out, you bring your machete. Like anybody believes these guys were only a group, wanting to go out.

  3. Marie Says:

    Sky garden as dangerous as any other bar.
    The security as arrogant as every other bar`s security.
    They are not stewardesses to smile and offer you a blanket when you are cold.
    What would you do as a security?
    They are at the door for your safety,
    would you let them in?

  4. James (Not my Real Name) Says:

    Hi there, I am a freelance writer who has come to Bali many times and although I’m not currently here on the island I became familiar with these events. I will say that due to the nature of what in the west we call corruption, that it will be impossible for the truth to come out around these events.

    The Bali Times does its best to work within these constraints but can only report so much, nor will I say too much here except to say that when a very successful western owned enterprise opens up in Bali, it creates jealousy from all other similar enterprises which may not be western owned. As tourists we experience this on a micro level when the gas attendant tries to grab an extra 1,000 from us, or the money changer ‘makes a mistake’ but by Sky Garden creating an international party destination that gives a fun place for people to party – others don’t think of all the money and good feeling a place like this brings to EVERYONE in Bali – but only how they can take from it – take away from it.

    Just like the traffic and roads, it will take some forward thinking on the part of those in Bali to think – how can this amazing island be even more amazing and how a place like Sky Garden is now AN INTERNATIONAL drawing card (like it or not) for young people to come to Bali and spend their money in Bali. (simple terms – this place is one of the reasons people are coming to Bali – if there are problems here – it AFFECTS everyone.)

    But let’s not just think of the 19-25 crowd coming to have fun at Sky Garden and then go back to their country with fun memories and advertise Bali as a fun place. But when these 19-25 year old’s will soon be 35-40 year old’s who will return with their young families and add more money to the island later, thanks to a wonderful climate, beaches, warm happy Balinese people and places like Ku De Ta, special events at Double 6, or for younger people a place like Sky Garden – which is the only place that seems to be busy and pumping every single night…(hence the jealousy that has happened.) But this is something to be promoted – fun for people arriving in Bali.

    I have never seen myself at Sky Garden or heard anything from a real source anything other than good things about the security staff there, but I also can read by this and from what I heard they are prepared enough to be tough when they have to – in order to make sure that Sky Garden is a safe place to have fun every night. (this is my plug for sky garden because I believe in it)

    As far as the Bali Times goes, they need to sell papers – so anytime they can use a word like ‘Clash’ in a headline, is a boon for them…so its in their favor to hype up a ‘clash’. Its a boring to read a big headline like – “SKY GARDEN BRINGS IN INTERNATIONAL VISITORS 365 DAYS A YEAR” – but why not write a story about that?

    I am writing to wish that people see the value of having this bar in Bali — and that people who love Bali will rally behind the places that can bring people in to Bali – and that the police, the government and businessman will do their best to help Bali keep a fun place like Sky Garden rocking. I know this is a long note, but it hurts my heart to think that there are people who are in Bali who want to hurt the good things here –

    So who’s side are we on? Support fun places in Bali that bring people to Bali every month or why not just knock down the palm trees and get rid of the beaches as well…and outlaw dancing and laughter and smiling – oh, I forget there were a few individuals who tried to do that in Bali a few years ago, and the streets were empty after that.

    I’m not using my real name, because i don’t want to be known as someone who complains about the traffic in Bali 😉

  5. warga bali Says:

    i am writing this couse i have seen many thing in bali and i am a local living in the west i go home every year , Many company own by westener that’s great many more apartunity for the local to get a jobs , Unfoturnetley this stupid things happened, Talk from experience i hate sky bar they all arrogant including the owner, One time i went there with a cople of friends of mine all girls from the west we were sitting upstairs then this guy walk to us (my girl friend) the first thing come out from his mouth was i owned this place , i was like what a jerk all my friends ( girls) just walk away from him, They shuold of have more respect to the locals they look at us (local) diffrent then the westerner many of us going out even spent more money then the westerner just becouse we are local not all of us are empty pocket , just becouse they are westerner they aren’t all have money, The scurity is all a jerk back in the day when sariclub was still around it was very hard for the local people to get in. Man i hate to say this i can buy anything in that place including the building. they used to gaved me hard time to get in and i remember these places the local people have to pay to get in but not the westerner and this is the truth it just stupid , I remember my brother almost beat the crap out of that scurity I just hope all these places will realise it they should treat people the same . we just want to have fun like the others . the best place for me is HUU BAR , i love this place the scurity are respectful to everybody and very comfortable place. I love you bali always and forever.

  6. Marie Says:

    The Sky Garden has entrance fee for locals, but its a first drink charge(as many places, like hard rock)
    Huu Bar has entrance fee for everyone, for double price!
    its a matter about security,
    and as far as i see, its working,
    isnt it?

  7. troy Says:

    I have been going to Bali for 21 years and its not the first time i hear about something happen in a nightclub, there are many things that add fuel to the fire. 1 would be the arrogant tourist that have no respect for the local culture. Mate half the problem now in Bali is the westener that sets up business has no idea about being silent and want there chain pulled by telling everyone “I am the owner”. Mate my advise to any business owner in Bali would be to enjoy the life Bali is giving you and let the ego have a holiday. Relax and watch the rupia roll in. Security has a job to do and someone within the business would be telling them how to do there job and what to tolerate. Probably the westener owner rubs off on all the staff. Om Shanti

  8. marie Says:

    so the news is that a local guy wth a machete and a local security guard had a fight….
    and all of u are all about the “traffic”, “being an indo girl” , “westerner owners” ect…


  9. Tina Says:

    Hi, just want to say that I know the owners personally and they are pretty humble and behind the scenes…its likely there was just someone who was being a drunk idiot saying they were the owner – and also know they’ve got rid of any staff who were being arrogant as well. Seems some of the problem is that they let go a few of rotten apples, a few which happened to be Balinese – but I know they support Bali people because and they said that they have 200 or so Balinese on staff..and they always look first to hire Bali people.

  10. ed Says:

    Of one business is raking in big money then of course the other clubs will become jealous and react. Unfortunately this is the way human nature is. Bali and the all the Indonesian people are the nicest and most generous people I have ever met and I really hate to see these kinds of stories. Edward

  11. Atik Says:

    I love sky garden, no matter what,m in my opinion security just do what they have to do!

  12. me Says:

    do you really know what is going on. maybe you should get the facts first. The security at the sky gardens are thugs. The owners dont run sky gardens its the security witch is a gang from Java. the balinese need to take back bali and get this gang out.

  13. Bali expat Says:

    Our buddy James (Who Does NOT have a vested interest in SKYGARDEN) wishes us to believe that people come from around the world to come to Bali for SKYGARDEN.
    Admitteldy the place is OK, but to say people get on an international plane and fly to SKYGARDEN is warped.
    As far as security goes…i was involved in a fight there…admittedly it was a personal thing between myself and someone else that should have been settled somewhere else, but thats how it goes.
    After coming to blows and a short boxing bout upstairs, i was asked to leave – which i did.
    When i got to the food court, i saw this guy had followed me (Indonesian – but thats not the point).
    He came at me and we briefly went at it again, before he retreated back up the stairs.
    I was continuing out (as directed)when 4 security from the street came rushing up the stairs. It was plain to see i was making my way out as asked. They grabbed me (2 from behind). I didnt resist and re-iterrated I was on my way out.One of the guys behind me had me in a choke hold and was litterally trying to cut off my air supply and knock me out that way. As he was doing this, from behind, with his forearm under my chin, he raised my chin exposing my neck. One of the guys in front (large heavily tattoed guy) punched me full force in the throat. I saw black and went limp, but never lost conciousness. I held onto the stair rail, and know that as they were trying to prise my arms off, if they suceeded i was on a head first journey down the tiled stairs. I amanged to hold on and negotiated with them to be allows to walk down on my own.

    Im sure ill get a few “its your own fault” etc. But to anyone whos been around or knows anything about fighting, wwhat they did could have killed me or injured me for life.

    And yes…my gf has also had the “Hi, I manage this place” deal. And no, not by people pretending that they manage the place.

    I personally find the place OK, but management need the tourists rolling in, cause expats and long timers are off the place.

  14. kev Says:

    im planning to go to bali and visiting sky garden this month.

    is it really true?
    i mean,
    the GF things like “hi i manage this place..”


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