Security Guard Killed in Latest Nightspot Attack

The Red Room on Thursday morning, sealed off by police.


Legian’s nightspot war claimed a fatal victim when armed youths invaded Red Room, a popular venue in Jl Dyana Pura, and cornered and stabbed two security guards apparently after failing to find the person they were looking for.

The attack occurred at 2.30am on Wednesday. The dead security guard — who died at Sanglah Hospital of multiple stab wounds — was named as Bagus Alit Edi Sastrawan. The other victim, named by police as Isaiah Karmoi, was stabbed several times in the back and is being treated for his injuries at Sanglah.

Denpasar Police Chief Suryanbodo Asmoro said the case was being investigated. Denpasar and Kuta Police had spoken to witnesses and gathered forensic evidence at the scene.

“There have been six to seven witnesses examined. However, the motive of the attack is unknown. Please wait for the results of further investigation,” he said on Wednesday.

After the attack suspicions emerged that the incident may have been connected with the latest attack on the Sky Garden disco at 61 Legian, the entertainment complex near the Bomb Memorial in Jl Legian.

Witnesses to Wednesday’s attack in Jl Dyana Pura said they believed the gang had intended to attack the Sky Garden disco – the scene of two violent gang attacks recently – but had diverted to the Red Room because there were police and military guards outside 61 Legian.

They said the gang was armed with swords, heavy chains and other weapons.

Witnesses said the gang went straight into the Red Room premises, apparently trying to find a specific person. When they failed to find their mark they attacked the two security guards. “Both victims were cornered and could not do anything about it; there were so many attackers,” one source said.

The witness, who would not give his name, said the attackers fled the scene immediately after slashing and stabbing the two victims and destroying bar facilities.

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5 Responses to “Security Guard Killed in Latest Nightspot Attack”

  1. Human Says:

    Animals. These local criminals are a disgrace to humanity. They kill Balinese, Indonesians AND westerners. If the useless Bali Police were worth anything, they would do more to catch these creatures and send them to the useless Bali court, to sit in front of the useless Bali judges and be sent to the useless Bali jail, where they can buy days out of jail. Great system we have here!

  2. Denise Says:

    Pathetic isn’t it. You pay you pay, fucking corrupt. Absolutely disgusting.

  3. warga bali Says:

    i hope the police catch these busterds , these animals need to be stop before they hurt more people

  4. Jens Says:

    when they do find and arrest them they will most likely get less then a year prison time.
    the killings that happened at DJ cafe a few years back and 2 men had their heads cut off they guys got 6 months and the main guy 8 months prison.

  5. Bali expat Says:

    Human…when will you realise?
    These people that do these things are merely gangs fighting for control of the security contracts etc of these places. They in turn give money to the police once the contracts are in place (usually on a weekly basis).
    So effectiviely, they are the police.
    Its quite simple really, and its never going to change.
    Accept the fact that Bali is run by murderers, cheats, extortionists with lovely smiles, or leave.

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