Hotels Learn to Play Boy Scout


Bali’s top hotels are taking a leaf out of the Boy Scouts’ manual — they are following the motto “Be Prepared” on health and security issues.

The Bali Hotels Association (BHA), which represents more than 100 star-rated hotels, had a workshop at Sanur last Wednesday that organisers said was geared to boost the resilience of the island’s hotel industry to any threat.

Participants learned about medical emergencies, rabies and other diseases as well as tsunami preparedness, risk management, surveillance detection and the Integrated Police Radio Community, a public private-sector initiative that connects hotels and businesses in the South of Bali via UHF radio to the police and vice versa.

They were also introduced to BHA’s Hotel Security and Safety Self Assessment, which helps hotel managers conduct general security and safety assessments to improve their own emergency planning and security and safety procedures.

Workshop organiser Alexander Kesper, BHA’s security and safety executive, said: “I am happy about the variety of speakers and participants attending this workshop. It shows that Bali’s security and safety community is well connected with the island’s hotel industry and that we support each other in order to achieve our common goal: A safer and friendlier Bali for all of us.”

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