France joins Indonesia in hunt for terror suspect


A French national wanted in Indonesia over alleged ties with Al-Qaeda-linked militants is also on the run from authorities in France, police in Jakarta said this week.

Frederic Jean Salvi – also known as Ali – came to the attention of Indonesian anti-terror police earlier this month after a raid on a bomb factory in West Java, during which they seized a car owned by him.

Police also confiscated explosives and suspected that the vehicle would be used as a car bomb.

“He was involved in a radical organisation in France and is also on a wanted list there,””Indonesian police chief detective Ito Sumardi said.

“So we’ll have a coordination with the French Interpol,” he said.

Sumardi said the French national, who is believed to still be at large in Indonesia, is a member of Salafi Jihadi, although he did not give further details on the group.

Police have arrested 102 terror suspects, detaining 66 of them, in a series of nationwide raids after discovering an extremist training camp in Aceh, northern Sumatra island, in February.

Top radical Islamist preacher Abu Bakar Bashir was arrested last week for allegedly setting-up and funding the camp which involved Al-Qaeda-linked extremists who were plotting a wave of attacks in Jakarta.

In a press conference today, police confirmed reports that Bashir had received tens of thousands of dollars in several instalments from “a number of supporters” to fund the terror plots.

National police spokesman Iskandar Hasan said Bashir managed to collect more than one billion rupiah (over 100,000 US dollars) and gave the money to Dulmatin, one of the masterminds of 2002 Bali bombing who was killed in March.

A police source said this week that Bashir raised the money by distributing videos of the military-style training exercise.

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