Business Faces a Knock-Back on Groundwater Tariff Complaints


Bali businesses are unlikely to get any change out of Governor I Made Mangku Pastika over his plan to raise the groundwater tariff by 1,000 percent as part of his bid to conserve dwindling water supplies.

Prominent provincial legislator Wayan Rawan Atmaja said he strongly supported the new policy. And he questioned whether local businesses were being truthful about the amount of groundwater they used.

He said he wondered whether all of those complaining about the tariff rise had water meters and whether they reported accurate usage figures. “In the Nusa Dua area a number of wells traditionally used by local people have dried up,” he said.

Rawan said he believed the wells had run dry because hotels in the tourism precinct were overusing groundwater. He said he suspected some hotels were drawing water from up to five wells but reporting only some of them.

He said he would join other Bali legislators in a survey of groundwater wells.

Speaking on Independence Day (August 17), Governor Pastika said the higher rates for groundwater must go ahead as a measure to help combat the island’s worsening water crisis and saltwater intrusion into the water table in beachfront areas.

When he announced the tariff rise earlier this year he said it would be phased in at 50 percent with the full increase applying from 2011.

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One Response to “Business Faces a Knock-Back on Groundwater Tariff Complaints”

  1. Tom Says:

    1.000 percent ? That’s not much,isn’t it ?

    Why not 10.000 percent..or even MORE – NO problem!
    First the PLN, now water…what comes next?

    The pockets of Tourists, Hotelowners an “Bules” are deep enough to empty them a little bit more,right or not ?

    It’s totally clear that every rise in costs for the Industry will affect the overall price level in Bali which, in my opinion,is high enough in these days.

    One day,not too far away,if the Government continue this practice, nobody will be able (especially the Balinese) or willing (Bules and Tourists) to pay wild and steady rising prices any more!

    We’re visiting Bali since 1994 several times, every year,we didn’t see any sensible and/or useful development for Bali and the Balinese within this,quite long period of time.

    And…last not least..who can be sure or knows,if all the additional incoming money is going into the right way in the future ???

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