$9.5m Needed for 5-Year Forest Rehab Plan

The Bali Times

Rehabilitating the 25,000 hectares of forest in Bali defined as environmentally critical would cost Rp86 billion (US$9.5 million) over five years, provincial forestry chief Anak Agung Bhuana has told the island’s legislature.

He said 5,000 hectares of forest needed to be rehabilitated every year to achieve the aim of elimination of the critical threat to the forest environment by 2015.

“As long as there is the budget available, we can do the job,” Bhuana told legislators.

In a further initiative the government plans to assist reforestation on privately owned land by providing one million seeds a year for planting.

Meanwhile, Bali’s environmental chief, Anak Agung Alit Sastrawan, has revealed there is no specific funding to finance the Bali Clean and Green programme. He said funds required were already in departmental environmental budgets.

He told a meeting in Sanur that district spending on Clean and Green initiatives was the responsibility of individual district administrations and should be funded by them.

“We only have the task of directing and facilitating provincial initiatives,” he said.

Sastrawan said the provincial government did not believe the Clean and Green programme would fail in the absence of specific funding because all districts were already committed to sound environmental practice in line with the programme’s aims.

He said the biggest challenge was to ensure that programmes in Bali’s nine local government districts were sustainable.

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