Another Village War Hits Buleleng


A peace agreement hammered out by Buleleng’s vice-regent, the local military commander and the police to calm another inter-village war lasted only hours before rival groups were at each other’s throats again, throwing stones and petrol bombs.

The dispute flared last weekend and Sunday’s truce was supposed to give the warring parties time to talk sensibly to each other about their problems.

It was the second violent outburst in just over two weeks. A walking race held on August 15 to celebrate Independence Day was thrown into chaos when the walkers found themselves in the middle of an inter-village riot at Bondalem, about 30 kilometres east of Singaraja.

The Singaraja-Amlapura road was closed for 10 hours by that dispute.
The latest disturbance was at Pengastulan, at Seririt west of Singaraja. It involved villagers from Kauman and Pala. The truce brokered on the Sunday evening collapsed at midnight. Local police called in Brimob anti-riot police from Gilimanuk.

Two houses were set ablaze in the midnight riot and three people were injured.

Buleleng Police chief Yudhi Hartanto, local military commander Lieutenant Colonel Suhardi and Buleleng’s vice regent, Made Arga Pynatih, who had earlier brokered the peace deal, returned on Monday to try to sort out the problem.

“We are trying to approach the relevant parties to return to safe and controlled conditions,” said Hartanto.

During the rioting police found a number of people gathered at the roadside and when they checked for ID found dozens of sharp weapons and petrol bombs on them.

Local reports say one house was almost destroyed by fire started by a petrol bomb. Windows in other houses were smashed and two other houses damaged by fire.

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