No Need for Hotel Expat Workers, Says Union Chief


Luxury Bali hotels staffed with teams of foreign workers should give those jobs to Indonesians and all foreigners on the island should be more closely monitored, a worker’s union official has said.

The Badung government — the regency in which the majority of Bali’s hotels are located — must intensify its scrutiny of expatriate workers in Bali, and carry out spot inspections, head of the Badung Tourism Workers’ Union Putu Satyawira said.

He said that in his experience many five-star hotels in Bali had up to 10 foreign workers each, in managerial positions, and he added that most foreigners working in Bali did not have the appropriate immigration documentation and only had tourist visas, which prohibit work.

Violations of visas usually result in deportation.

“There are many who have tourist visas and if others have work permits, their position is not in accordance with the authorisation (of the papers),” Satyawira said at the weekend.

There are no official figures for the number of foreigners living in Bali but estimates range up to 10,000. Foreigners are only permitted to work in Indonesia under a KITAS visa, which is sponsored by a local company.

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3 Responses to “No Need for Hotel Expat Workers, Says Union Chief”

  1. Ptr Says:

    Pak Satyawira, for a man in such a influential position, that of representing so many people, your opinions are simply prejudice.
    also, this article is strong on opinion, no fact and verging on sensational journalism…”tons” since when was 10, tons!
    all workers irrespective of nationality need to have KITAS, and this is monitored pretty closely by Imigrasi. if not close enough report your exact facts to them. name and shame.
    Bali is dependent on tourism as its natural resource, in order to remain top of the league it requires foreign expertise and attitude to develop its own workers and business.
    illegal workers should be reported as should hoteliers and restaurants that do not pay there taxes.

  2. Luiggi Says:

    Dear Bpk Satyawira, will be good if the Balinese can get the top position in F&B Industry but dont forget The owners of Hotels are Indonesian and they want to have expatriate in the top position,why they believe much more in the professionally of the expat than the local. Of course is the job of imigration to looking for this foreigners working with tourist visa. But you can avoid in the top hotel and restaurant to have expat worker because the local peoples are not ready for it

  3. TopCat Says:

    Maybe there are qualified westerners working in hotels and resorts. Maybe Balinese locals are jealous, but they are not going to get those jobs just by getting rid of the foreigners. Most of the other top jobs in the hotel industry are occupied by Javanese graduates of the tourism school in Bandung and other places. Too easy to to point the finger at ‘bules’ again.

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