Uncle Finds Naked Niece Stabbed in her Student Dorm Bed


The 18-year-old student daughter of a top Bangli regency official has been found nude and stabbed to death in her bed at her student boarding house, sparking a top-level police murder hunt.

Dewa Ayu Agung Dian Cahyani, daughter of Bangli’s chief of industry and commerce Dewa Gede Suparta, was found sprawled naked on her bloodstained mattress with a knife thrust through the back of her neck about 5.15pm last Tuesday.

The grim discovery was made by her uncle, Dewa Anom Sayuga, who had gone to the boarding house in Jl Ida Bagus Oka, Rencong, to check on his niece after her father told him her mobile phone had been uncontactable all day.

He told police he at first thought her room was empty, but seeing the rumpled bed cover then thought people might be sleeping in the room. He used a length of piping to draw back the covers and, seeing hair, believed it might be a doll.

But when he fully pulled back the cover he found the naked body of his niece.

Police say the girl’s Honda Supra 125 motorbike and Nokia 2610 mobile phone were missing when they searched the room and the premises and believe it may have been a robbery gone wrong.

But because the body was naked they are not ruling out a possible sexual motive.

Other female students living at the boarding house told police they had heard a scream earlier but had been too afraid to leave their rooms to investigate.

South Denpasar Police are interviewing residents of the boarding house as a first step in establishing a line of inquiry.

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