New Beachhead in Fight to Clean and Green Bali


Celebrities, government officials, people from non-government organisations, surfers and businesses have united to tackle Bali’s growing rubbish crisis.

As the opening move in a new Bali Clean & Green programme, 100,000 Balinese scoured 50 beaches for washed-up rubbish on August 27, hitting back at a nuisance environmentalists say ranks as the island’s number-one ecological foe.

The cleanup effort was in advance of a Clean Up Bali day, to be held on September 20 in conjunction with the global Clean Up the World weekend organised as a United Nations Environment Programme on September 17-19.

Launching an ongoing clean-up campaign on August 30, in which schools, businesses and the community will take part, Clean & Green coordinator Nunie Kneip said:

“We’re also trying to create greater awareness, getting locals and visitors connected and clued into the threat garbage poses, especially plastic.”

One volunteer at the launch said: “Where the plastic comes from doesn’t affect the outcome for now. We just need to get busy and coordinate efforts to curb the issue.”

Singer Ray D Sky was at the launch and sang a song he wrote for the event, Green Bali Green. He said: “We can all make a contribution to the island’s prized land and sea, much of it under threat.”

Senior environmental board official Anak Agung Alit Sastrawan said waste management was a significant problem, with a large percentage of Bali’s daily refuse unaccounted for. The provincial government has announced a target date of 2013 for Bali to achieve a plastic-free environment.

And Nusa Dua Rotary Club president Bruce Jellard said: “By commencing our island-wide Bali Clean Up project, not only can we reduce the amount of litter but also build long-term environmental awareness, improve mosquito-outbreak prevention inland where trash chokes fresh water supplies and simply maintain the island’s reputation as the most sought-after holiday destination.”

Rotary is a key supporter of the clean-up drive.

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3 Responses to “New Beachhead in Fight to Clean and Green Bali”

  1. rd Says:

    Several communities in the US solved the plastic problem by banning the use of plastic bags in all stores and using paper bags instead. Bali would do well to implement this program.

  2. Sanur resident Says:

    ridding the island of plastic bags is always going to be a great idea. But when is the issue of burning rubbish ever going to be addressed? We speak of the rubbish that is almost overtaking the island but what options to local residents have of rubbish removal? My neighbours tell me they burn it so they don’t have to pay. While rubbish mountains build everywhere, we also breathe in toxic smoke from plastic and other refuse through smoke. Why does the government not tackle this issue to begin with… sounds like a smart place to start.

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