Top Legislator Pitches for Lower Groundwater Tax Rate


A controversial 1,000 percent rise in groundwater charges needs to be studied in more depth and possibly reduced, the chairman of the provincial legislature, I Made Sudana, says.

Sudana was speaking in Tabanan in response to fears there that the rise was too high for local businesses to cope with. He met business and local leaders at a meeting in Lalang Linggah, West Selemadeg, last week to hear local views on a range of issues.

After the meeting he said: “As well as reviewing regulations generally, I will examine the groundwater charge.”

He said it was important to work out a solution that best suited everyone. “This is especially the case with the groundwater tax because it doesn’t affect tourism operators. The charges are controlled by the government so they should be set at a level that doesn’t damage local business.”

He said: “I contend that the increase should be gradual, so the impact is not felt by the business world.”

The new charges, announced earlier this year, were introduced at half the increase rate for 2010 and under government plans will take full effect in 2011.

But Sudana said he believes a 500-700 percent increase was best for now.

“I think the range of those figures is acceptable,” he said.

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  1. Luc olivier Says:

    Right now as a small hotel operator, we are paying about Rp400 000/ month . With a 1000% raise in rate the cost will 40 jt/month. My guess is than it will be cheaper if our guests shower with beer.

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