Beach Tragedy Kills Wife of Former Gianyar Regent


Former Gianyar regent Anak Agung Bharata survived four hours in the sea off a Klungkung beach from which he and his wife were swept when they tried to ford a fast-flowing estuary — but his wife, Nanik Mirna Bharata, died in the weekend accident.

Bharata, 61, regent from 2003-2008, and his wife, 57, were on a Saturday morning beach walk and — against advice — tried to cross a river outflow about 9.30am.

Nanik Bharata was dragged away towards the sea by the current and Bharata was also swept away when he tried to rescue her. Rescuers found her body floating in the sea off Sedayu Beach at about 2pm.

Bharata was pulled unconscious from the sea about 2pm on Saturday and was rushed to the intensive care unit at Sanjiwani Hospital in Gianyar, where he was revived.

Police called in Search and Rescue (SAR) to help find the couple.

Gianyar Regent Cokorda Ardhana Sukawati, known as Cok Ace, who visited his predecessor in the ICU last Saturday, said:

“He was fully conscious. There is nothing alarming. Thank God he survived this disaster. This is a blessing for all citizens, especially Gianyar regency.”

Bharata’s driver, Dewa Putu Merta, said the couple had been to Semarapura market to buy cucumbers and wanted to walk on the shore eastwards towards Klotok beach.

Local people had warned them not to try to cross a fast-flowing estuary near Sedayu beach but the couple pressed on regardless.

There were heavy seas and big surf on the Gianyar-Klungkung coast last weekend.

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