Man Jailed Over Murder of Japanese Woman


The Denpasar District Court sentenced a man to 10 years in prison on Thursday as an accessory to the murder of a Japanese woman who had been living in Bali.

Abdurrahman, 21, helped Mawardi, 31, tie up Hiromi Shimada, before the latter repeatedly stabbed the 41-year-old last year, judge Putu Suwika said.

Shimada’s body was found in a rented house near Kuta Beach.

Abdurrahman was also convicted of sexually assaulting the victim.

“We sentence him to 10 years in jail. He deliberately provided opportunity to Mawardi to commit the murder and assisted him. His acts ruined the image of tourism in Bali,” Suwika said.

Mawardi was sentenced to 20 years in prison in August for murder.

Last year the partially decomposed body of another Japanese tourist, Rika Sano, 33, was found after she was kidnapped in Bali.

An Indonesian man was given a 20-year sentence for her murder.

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5 Responses to “Man Jailed Over Murder of Japanese Woman”

  1. Jo Rachman Says:

    Still seems strange that you can kill some one sexually molest them and recieve less time in jail than some people on drug charges.Life appears to be very cheap.I find that sad dont you ???

  2. Tony Says:

    May God take care of her soul. Shalom.

  3. Jens Says:

    what a joke!!! 10 years and people say that the Corby girl got a fair and just trial… They think that a bit of pot is more serious then raping and killing people.. Priority’s of what is not good for tourism need to be looked at!

  4. Derek Says:

    I have to agree with Jens, the death penalty would have been more appropriate in this case (for both of the defendants).

  5. Alan Shadrake Says:

    What an incredible miscarriage of justice! Twenty years for two brutal murders? Twenty years for trafficking or execution? It is utter nonsense. It’s high time the judges in Bali were removed. But the response from everyone who plans to holiday in Paradise Island this year or any time soon is to cancel their bookings immediately. If not take a bodyguard, lots of insect repellant and rabies antidote serum. Despite having as rabies plague there is still not enough even for a moderate emergency! Bali is run by the most incompetent people on earth.

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