Obama to Visit Indonesia in November


US President Barack Obama is to make an official visit to Indonesia in November, he announced at the United Nations in New York on Thursday, after previous visits this year to the country where he spent time as a child were canceled due to domestic issues.

Obama made the announcement during a speech to the UN General Assembly.

He called off plans to make his first visit to Indonesia as president due to his ultimately successful drive to pass healthcare reform in March and then over the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, in May.

The president noted in his speech that he had already announced plans to visit India in November, adding that “I will continue to Indonesia, the world’s largest Muslim-majority country.”

Obama will then make previously scheduled trips to South Korea and Japan.

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2 Responses to “Obama to Visit Indonesia in November”

  1. Dave Says:

    Our President has now decided to visit Indonesia again. I only hope that the masses will look to inspire a positive message to America; Or at least a constructive one. This is our leader and how you treat him reflects on your country. Do you want to be a country of hate, like displayed after the terrorist bombing in New York and Washington DC on 9/11/2001. Many people burned our flag in front of our embassy in Jakarta and consulate in Surabaya and before people were accused of doing the attacks. I was in Indonesia seeing this after seeing other South Eastern Nations within that week. The others showed compassion for us. People in your country were trying to kick us when we were down. I can understand your views on the policies we have. Believe me; I feel the same about many. But those flag burnings were not an action for positive change. If you decide to protest, and I feel you should. Remember the support the USA and its people have given you and realize that we Americans will see you on TV. I feel we all want positive change. Obama was once a part of Indonesia. Be proud that you will have an advantage to making him see a better way with the world. And know this, The Indonesian embassy in America has always been a place of people having fun sharing the culture between two nations. We have always welcomed your country with open arms.

  2. sonoma treadwater Says:

    sure – like i believe this?

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