Forecasts for week beginning October 2, 2010.

By Jonathan Cainer.

Throughout October, Mars and Venus will be in Scorpio. Mercury and the Sun will join them there towards the end of the month. Jupiter will remain close to Uranus in Pisces. Saturn is in Libra, Neptune in Aquarius. And Pluto still sits in Capricorn. We’ll end up with six celestial bodies in water signs, two in air, one in earth. So where’s the fire? That comes from this year’s second full moon in Aries. It may seem as if our world is full of situations we cannot hope to change. But those who remain determined can expect surprising success.

LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)
They say a little of what you fancy does you good. So what about a lot of what you fancy? For some reason, we all assume that this will do us harm. Why should it? That expectation says something about the guilt-ridden society we live in. It’s as if we all believe we’re not entitled to more than a small amount of anything that makes us happy. We are irrepressible worriers. As soon as something right starts happening we start to wonder when or how it is going to go wrong. Such fears create turbulence and tension. They ought to be ignored. Resolve to enjoy life as much as you care to in October and you will find you actually can.

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)
The higher you build your tower, the harder it is to add an extra level. You may recall this from your childhood. Remember those building blocks you used to play with? If the foundations were not solid, each new layer would prove weaker than the last. Sooner or later, if you put too much weight on any structure, it will start to fall apart. That’s not a reason to keep your aspirations low. It’s a reason to think about what you are trying to do and plan carefully from the outset. Mars will be in Scorpio during October. If you make wise plans, seek help from people you feel you can trust and work carefully, the sky’s the limit.

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)
You are in the midst of a great adventure. Hence the tension and the apprehension you feel. When we are just starting out, we are full of anticipation and eager expectation. When it’s all over bar the shouting, we forget how nerve-racking our progress was. You will reach a point, soon enough, when you can look back and wonder why you ever felt so stressed out. Right now, though, perhaps the only proof you have of eventual success is this prediction. Trust it. And trust yourself. Rise to the challenge before you now with confidence. It may have scary stripes and a deafening roar but it is ultimately only a paper tiger.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20)
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be a robot? To have no feelings, emotions or involvement. To lead an entirely functional existence based around the fulfilment of practical need and the carrying out of duty. To have no opinions one way or another. No preferences, passions, dreams or desires. Wouldn’t you be safe then? Wouldn’t you be protected from the anguish of a potential disappointment? I ask only because Saturn continues to form tense alignments. You feel vulnerable. You fear there is a lot at stake. But when you end up with the very thing that you want so much, you’ll be glad you’ve got a heart with which to feel happy!

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)
What precisely is it that you wish you had more of? Money? Help? Wisdom? Support? Understanding? Opportunity? Time? Something is lacking and you feel sure that it is a physical resource, not a mental or emotional one. Yet, actually, if you had just a bit more nerve and ingenuity, you could soon compensate for what’s seemingly missing. Don’t persuade yourself, in October, that you’ll never get enough of what you need. Look instead for ways to make what you’ve got go further. You are more protected than you realise. The cosmos intends to do all it can, soon, to move your life on in the best possible way.

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)
Everything you need is near you. This may not be immediately obvious. In October, you may have to do a little detective work and employ some ingenuity. You may have to reconsider what it is that you need. You may have to remember that you have resources you have not drawn on in some while and work out how to access them. You may have to swallow your pride and request assistance from a companion. But as long as you are prepared to keep trying, you’ll get help that’s reliable and valuable. If you’re not getting good answers to key questions this month, ask some of those questions in a different way.

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)
Every day seems to be bringing a new discovery. You are not necessarily entering fresh territory, just starting to see your existing situation in a different way. You are recognising opportunities that have been under your nose for ages yet to which you have been blind. You are starting to gain important new understandings about the people you are close to. You’re also getting insights into how you can become more financially secure. This month brings more revelations. Don’t feel bad if you are seeing something that you feel should have seen earlier. Just be glad of what is being shown to you and make full use of it.

TAURUS (Aril 21 – May 21)
A particular back needs scratching. Provide the appropriate assistance and your own itch, in time, will be relieved. Invest, today, in tomorrow – by identifying the person or situation most deserving of your help. Then help them. The planets speak of powerful instincts and wise insights. Trust these. While your intuition is normally pretty good, it is, currently, in one area of life at least, impeccable. Your reasons for getting “more involved than you should” with someone or something are excellent. Don’t worry about making a fool of yourself or of giving more than you can hope to receive. Trust what you feel and act on it.

GEMINI (May 22 – June 22)
Mercury’s passage through your fifth and sixth solar houses plus its conjunction with Venus suggest a phase of exceptional opportunity. When the heavens only smile briefly down upon us, we feel it like a ray of warm sunshine on a cold day. When, though, the cosmic climate remains continually encouraging, it may begin to feel more like a sauna. You could be sweltering, roasting, wrestling with why it is that something you might expect to be good, is proving so problematic. Your seemingly endless saga may not resolve itself for a while, but when it finally ends, you’ll see a vast improvement that lasts for ages.

CANCER (June 23 – July 23)
“The early bird catches the worm.” Or so we are informed. Worms, though, know this too. They stay in bed and take it easy till their feathered predators have all flown by. That’s why smart birds change their tactics from time to time. They don’t just do what’s obvious. They question conventional wisdom. They experiment and explore. In the process, they usually catch something a lot more exciting and rewarding than mere worms. This month, you will be neither way too early nor far too late. You’ll be right on time and, as long as you apply a little intelligence and ingenuity, you will end up right on target, too.

LEO (July 24 – August 23)
Have you ever watched a two-year-old try to outwit you? It is beyond their power. It is so impossible for them to achieve this, that you do not feel even slightly affronted by their attempt. Instead, you find it endearing. You may even humour the child and go along with the pretence of being beaten. Fate feels much the same way about us when we try to give it the slip. Destiny is amused, not outraged, when we try to defy it. Something that is “meant to happen” is happening now. If you think there is something bad or wrong about it, it is only because you have not seen what’s right and good. Look harder. Worry less.

VIRGO (August 24 – September 23)
You can paint a placard and stage a demonstration but no matter how much energy you expend, you’ll only be a protestor. Alternatively, you can think long and hard about the best person to talk to, find some way to gain an introduction, then have a gentle word in their ear. Generally speaking, it’s easier to change the world through tactful, friendly persuasion than through angry complaint. In October, there are two ways to achieve an important objective. One requires hard work; the other just needs patience and intelligence. You will succeed either way, but try the easier option before you commit to a more difficult plan.

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