Serangan-Tanjung Bridge Plan Hits New Snags


The proposed toll bridge a Korean investor wants to build from Serangan Island to Tanjung Benoa — over the entrance to the Port of Benoa and designed to cut travelling time between Sanur and Nusa Dua –- has run into further problems.

Local media reports say the Korean investor is a loosely formed business and the Bali Turtle Island Development Corporation (BTID, which runs Serangan Island is mired in a complex legal wrangle with the Japanese company that reclaimed large parts of Serangan.

Local promoters of the road -– which would enable Sanur-Nusa Dua traffic to avoid Kuta and the crowded Simpang Siur-Airport section of the Ngurah Rai Bypass -– are reportedly seeking a meeting with the national coordinating minister of finance.

Bali’s public works head, Dewa Puniassa, said the provincial government is waiting for a ministerial decision on funding for the STB.

He said: “There’s been no decision to cancel (the project), although many problems have arisen. We are still waiting for the meeting at the level of the coordinating minister for the economy.”

Among other problems there are technical and design issues with the project. The bridge must be high enough to permit shipping to pass beneath it with sufficient clearance to meet international maritime standards. But it must be low enough not to interfere with international aviation safety requirements regarding aircraft ground and structure clearance on landing and take-off.

“Most recently the threat of bankruptcy (of BTID) has created another obstacle. There is news that there has been a shift in ownership to the Japanese,” Puniassa said.

He said he hoped the provincial legislature would “reach out” to whoever was now in control of the BTID.

Puniasa said regulations required the development to set aside 20-30 percent of its space for public space. He wants the BTID to donate the land needed for the bridge and approach road on Serangan from its legal obligation to provide space for public lands.

But he denied reports that Korean investor had withdrawn from the project. It was only reviewing the project.

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