Legian Nightspots to Get Standard Security Rules


Bali Police have a plan to close down nightspots in the Kuta-Legian entertainment district if they are not certified for security by Bali Police Headquarters. The new plan was announced by the director of Bali Tourist Police, Adhi Putra.

Putra said poor performance by security guards and the arguments that went on between nightclub operators meant that there had been many acts of violence carried out by people whose real job was to prevent violence.

Under the new scheme nightspots will have to be registered with police and meet specified security standards.

The nightspot “war” in Legian earlier this year claimed the life of a cook at the Red Room bar on Jl Dyana Pura, in Seminyak. The July slaying followed a series of incidents involving the Sky Garden disco at 66 Legian, on Jl Legian.

Police have not been able to apprehend the Red Room attacker.

Shortly after he took over command in August, new Bali Police chief Hadiatmoko warned thugs in the Legian area that he would come after them himself unless they stopped their activities.

Early last month he said people working as security guards or in other capacities for venues had no need to worry if they kept within the law and were orderly.

“We will warn them first,” Hadiatmoko said. “But if the warning is ignored, we will deal with them firmly.”

The new certificate plan, which was discussed at a meeting in Sanur last Friday, is aimed at producing a standard set of training and operational requirements for nightclub security staff.

The scheme will be administered by Bali Police Headquarters.

Putra said it would operate in a way that would produce security certainty for visitors and locals alike in the Legian area, by weeding out undesirables and creating a community-wide response to difficulties.

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  1. Gurkha Says:

    All these establishments are probably going to hire their own guards, or outsource the security. So, the Police MUST ensure that all the certification required is up to date and BINAMITRA regulations are properly followed. As there are only four Security companies that comply 100% with the standards and regulations, and most of them will not guard these places in Kuta, it doesn’t give the nightclubs, bars etc. too much choice.

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