UPDATE 4 – Tsunami Kills 272, Hundreds Missing


At least 272 people were killed and another 412 remain missing after a powerful earthquake triggered a tsunami in off Sumatra, an official said on Wednesday.

“We’ve recovered 272 bodies. At least 412 people are still missing,” West Sumatra provincial disaster management official Ade Edward said.

“We’re still looking for those missing. They could be in the hills, buried by rubble or could have been swept out to sea,” he added.

The bodies were found in districts of South Pagai, North Pagai, Sikakap and South Sipora, he said.

“Fifteen people sustained serious injuries such as broken limbs,” he said.

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5 Responses to “UPDATE 4 – Tsunami Kills 272, Hundreds Missing”

  1. Sophea Plata Says:

    Hello, is Bali affected by the Tsunami in Sumatra? I’m planning on vacationing in Bali next week and concerned about any aftermaths. Thank you. -Sophea

  2. Hari Says:

    Hi Sophea, Bali is far from Sumatra and I believe there will be no affects from the tsunami, in Bali. Back to 2004 during the deadly tsunami, I knew the tsunami from tv and sms from relatives because we did not feel anything in Bali….

  3. sarah Says:

    iam also travelling to nusa dua on saturday 6th nov.. and am so worried abourt recent activity going on..

  4. frances Says:

    Hi, not to worry at all. Bali is way too far from Sumatra. Really no reason to worry. Go and enjoy this beautiful place !

  5. ayu Says:


    is bali affected fron tsunami at japan?

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