We Won’t Say Sorry: Police


Klungkung Police say they have no reason to apologise for detaining a man who became aggressive when stopped and asked to produce identification, but was not subsequently prosecuted, because they were simply doing their job of protecting the community.

Komang Sukarya of Tangkas in Klungkung was stopped by police conducting routine checks for illegal gambling. He later apologised for his own behaviour, visiting Klungkung Police headquarters twice, but then demanded police apologise to him.

But Klungkung Police deputy chief Wayan Gede Suwahyu said last Friday: “We have nothing to apologise for. The police action was justified by the rules.”

Wrong Call


A man from East Lombok chose the wrong time and place to steal a mobile phone this week. Aman, 39, stole the phone from Komang Adi Wirawan, 25, of Mas, Ubud, who was among thousands of onlookers at Peliatan on Tuesday to watch the cremation of the King of Peliatan.

Onlookers caught and beat the thief and police said it was lucky they got to the scene in time to save him from a worse fate. He was arrested for theft and taken to Ubud Police lockup.

Down the Drain


A stock of contraband liquor and cigarettes valued at Rp1.5 billion (US$168,000) was destroyed by customs and excise officers at Ngurah Rai International Airport last Friday, the 64th “Finance Day” celebrated by Indonesia’s bureaucracy.

The contraband goods, seized at the airport from arriving passengers carrying taxable products in excess of their entitlements, had cost the country Rp850 million ($95,300) in import levies and duties forgone, said Ngurah Rai customs and excise chief Bambang Wahyudi, who supervised the destruction.

Off the Buses


The long-delayed mass transit bus system linking Denpasar with nearby parts of Badung, Tabanan and Gianyar regencies has been further delayed. It was due to start last January, then this month, but is now rescheduled for next year.

Planners say all the necessary road works are complete but they are still waiting for 18 special buses to be delivered from the central government.

Market Hitch


Klungkung’s traditional market still is waiting for its Rp10 billion (US$1.1 million) budgeted makeover, because work has not yet started even though the money has been allocated and plans were published and community consultation done months ago.

Traders complain that the present building is very shabby, that the roof leaks when it rains and that the market environment is tarnished. Regent Wayan Chandra is reported to have called in the relevant bureaucrats and told them to start work as soon as possible.

Animal Magic


Nearly 200 zoo representatives from 15 South=East Asian countries met in Kuta this week for the 18th annual conference of the Southeast Asian Zoo Association (SEAZA).

Participants included animal and zoo experts and representatives of zoos throughout Southeast Asia. The conference, from November 3-6, was held at the Hard Rock Hotel at Kuta Beach.

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