Newer Bali Cars, Pricier Petrol


People who drive cars made after 2005 won’t be able to buy fuel at the subsidised price from January, according to Coordinating Economic Minister Hatta Rajasa.

“The owners are wealthy people, so they have to use unsubsidised fuel,” Hatta said.

He also said the government was still working out how to implement the proposal. Experts have previously said such a policy wouldn’t work and would not appreciably reduce subsidised fuel use.

Subsidised “premium” (95-octane) petrol sells at Rp4.500 (50 US cents) a litre.

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2 Responses to “Newer Bali Cars, Pricier Petrol”

  1. dave Says:

    Who elected this idiot?
    My bother and sister in law struggle each month to meet house payment(Rp.1.5 jt. over 15 years),have a 2007 car which is bewing paid off over 3 years-my wife helped with the deposit,they need the car for business(driver, tours etc>), they could not by any stretch of the imagination be considered wealthy, and they will be penalised because some ill-educated,ill informed idiot in government decides people with these cars are rich?Hey, what about new bikes?
    What a sad excuse for a government official.

  2. gurkha Says:

    Cars built after 2007 should not use premium, they should be using pertamax.

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