Bungalow Home Blocked by Village


A German couple who operate a small resort, Chili Mas, have been blockaded out of their home at Tejakula by local people angry at their attitude. Tejakula headman I Ketut Suardana told reporters this week the couple were viewed by locals as very arrogant and that they frequently disobeyed instructions handed out by the local banjar.

Suardana said villagers had made reports to relevant officials but felt no proper action had been taken. The couple had even been reported to immigration authorities without result.

Because of this villagers had blocked access to the bungalow on November 20. “They created problems since day one. We reported them to immigration but there was no follow up,” Suardana said.

Local culture and tourism official I Ketut Derestika said both parties had asked to sit down together to work things out, but the locals did not turn up to the meeting.

“We will tell both of them to come and sit together again. Otherwise this case will give tourism in Buleleng a bad name,” he said.

Harmony Sought


Badung Regent Anak Agung Gede Agung and other officials, including former governor Dewa Made Beratha, gathered with villagers from Peminge at Nusa Dua for a traditional Nangluk ceremony at Geger Beach last Friday.

The ceremony is traditionally performed to achieve harmony and balance in community life. Other similar ceremonies were performed elsewhere in Bali that day.

Off Again


A long-awaited meeting between local officials of Megawati Sukarnoputri’s PDI-P party and village leaders in Bongan, Tabanan, failed in the end to go ahead yet again last week.

Village leaders said they were disappointed.

Works Halt


A contracting company that failed to meet deadlines for work on Jembrana’s prize sports complex under renovation in Negara has pulled out following rejection of its request for an extension of time.

Regency officials ruled that PT. Karuniaguna Inti Semesta must pay penalty charges for failure to complete work on schedule.

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  1. Tanner Says:

    It’s sad to read such incidents (German couple versus local Balinese) dispute. From last several years a noticeable attitude, behavioral n temperamental changes one can see in locals. It could be the result of frustration between locals old life style, customs, culture n related versus influx of modernization, wealth, development n foreign culture mix with locals. On one side greed has taken over locals on the other end they still wish to stay n hold old ways – basically, these two roads have no compatibility. Foreigners (especially investors) desire to recover their investment at all cost also work fuel to the fire. We hope both ends would accept 21st century realities n adjust accordingly – mob justice cannot be the solution, such steps one day could back fire (investments move out of Bali, legal battles, entry of foreign laws etc. Now we live in globle village, sooner it’s realized better for everyone.

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