Forecasts for week beginning December 11, 2010.

By Jonathan Cainer

It’s funny how Christmas seems to come around more quickly every year, yet when we get to December, the festive season suddenly starts to feel further away than ever. There’s not yet much sign of a holiday mood in the heavens. Mercury turns retrograde and joins Mars as it forms a conjunction with Pluto. It’s not a time for talking; it’s a time for listening. It’s not a time for fighting; it’s a time for developing strategy. But as the week goes by, a serious mood will lift. You may even start to hear sleighbells!

SAGITTARIUS (November 23 – December 21)
“Money makes the world go round.” Does it? Is there a giant slot machine at the North Pole? Do teams of people have to feed in cash, day and night, lest the earth stops turning. If money had anything to do with the real purpose of this planet, nature would answer to a firm of accountants. They would soon decide to do away with all those different species of trees and animals. It would be much more cost effective to have just a few basic models. Thankfully we don’t live in such a world. Or do we? Some people seem to think so; but that’s their problem. It’s safe, this week, to prioritise your heart, not your wallet.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 20)
 What distinguishes a dream from a wish? A wish is voluntary; you create it through a conscious choice. Dreams, by definition, involve our unconscious mind. We don’t have power over them, they have power over us. That’s why, generally, it’s better to have your wish granted than to see your dream come true. You may prefer to keep that dream in the world of fantasy. Your wish, though it may seem as remote as your dream, represents a real desire. Are you now wishing for something you can only dream of? If so, you will soon find out. For if your wish is even faintly fulfillable, you’ll make progress with it.

AQUARIUS (January 21 – February 19)
If you want to be really secure, build a fortress. Mount a guard on the turrets. Dig a moat. Fill it with sharks and crocodiles. Install an electronic drawbridge designed to lower only after it has performed a biometric scan and made a full set of DNA comparisons. This will ensure that only the people you know can get near you. Often, though, it’s the people we love the most who can hurt us the mo ‹st – so maybe you should banish them too! What do you really want this week? A life of tedious isolation – or an ability to take challenge in your stride? Don’t be overly self-protective, you may yet experience a lot of magic.

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)
Think back to how you were feeling this time last year. What has changed? Much may seem to be as it was, but you now have a very different attitude. A year from now, you’ll be even more relaxed, comfortable and optimistic. Trust this and act now, as if you have already gained this ground. Is that tempting fate? Yes – but in the nicest possible way. Fate or destiny needs to be coaxed, sweet-talked and persuaded to assist you. Luck likes people who feel lucky. Heaven helps those who help themselves. There’s something you badly want. Assume that you are entitled to attain this. Start inviting it into your life.

ARIES (March 21 – April 20)
OK. So what’s going on in your life now is… “We interrupt this forecast to bring you a paid announcement on behalf of the National Bigotry Society… ‘Having a hard time in your life? Don’t consult an astrologer. Just fix a few more of your opinions. Remember folks. A closed mind is a happy mind!’ And now, reluctantly, we hand you back to the Aries prediction.” You are currently having to ask a lot of questions. That’s why you are so keen to feel as if you have all the answers. But, this week, no matter how tempted you feel – or how much pressure or persuasion you encounter, remain willing to see things from all sides.

TAURUS (April 21 – May 21)
As Venus now forms a tense alignment to Jupiter, it seems as if you are dealing with a situation that is bigger than you. It is beyond your control. You feel as if the best you can do is exert a small influence over the outcome of a particular drama. You even suspect you might only be imagining your ability to do that. This is good news. It means you can relax and stop trying to achieve what’s clearly impossible. Instead, you can turn your energy towards a matter that will respond to your efforts and energies. You will find, as you focus on this, that it slowly helps you to benefit from this other, larger situation.

GEMINI (May 22 – June 22)
Wisdom doesn’t always involve certainty. Often, indeed, the smartest thing a person can do is recognise the value of vagueness. This week, the less you can commit yourself, the more you’ll keep your options open. Something is starting to spiral out of control and you are unsure how to react. A part of you wants to let the snowball roll. It will probably keep gaining size until it demolishes something substantial – and that may be exactly what you want. Another part of you suspects it may be wiser to be cautious. But how are you going to stop it, even if you want to? Make one attempt, just in case it is possible. If not, relax.

CANCER (June 23 – July 23)
“This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.” Back in the dark ages some schoolteachers used to say this to the children in their care before administering corporal punishment. Other examples of manipulative double-speak include, “It’s for your own good” and “One day you’ll thank me for this.” People talk a lot of rot. But now, as we enter a more enlightened age, we are leaving such nonsense behind us. So when I tell you that this week’s challenges and apparently unwelcome developments are in your own best interests, I mean it. They are not here to teach you a lesson; they are here to help.

LEO (July 24 – August 23)
When is the darkest hour? Just before the dawn. What’s good about being as low as you can go? From there, the only way is up. For the whole planet now, this is appropriate commentary in its own way. In your life, though, such statements have special resonance. Although your own nadir was some while ago and a degree of recovery has already taken place since then, there is still uncertainty. You fear a return to something that you never want to experience again. Be less afraid. Be more ambitious. Have more faith in what you know you need to do. Then, just do it. All will be well this week, if you keep your faith.

VIRGO (August 24 – September 23)
We live in a bland, superficial society. We talk to each other about the weather – or sport – or what’s on TV. Sometimes, we even share our worries and problems. When, though, do we ever address meaningful questions such as, “What are we all doing here?” Or, “Why does this world actually exist?” Every so often, we must address these issues or we will have no strength, sanity or sense of perspective. There are deep issues in your life now that similarly need to be addressed, even if they aren’t easy to broach. You are in the process of making a discovery that will bring positive change to every part of your life.

LIBRA (September 24 – October 23)
“Q: How many corporate executives does it take to change a light bulb? A: I’ll have to get back to you on that. Meanwhile, let me e-mail you the interim report we commissioned last year from a team of top management consultants who concluded that much depends on the kind of light bulb, the height of the ceiling, the availability of ladders – and other variable conditions. We have therefore requested a series of further reports.” Sorry about this but I need you to be conscious of how complicated it is sometimes possible to get, even when you are dealing with something simple. Don’t fall for that this week.

SCORPIO (October 24 – November 22)
There has been a lot of debate and discussion in your life lately. There’s about to be a whole lot more. Will it all result in a sense of completion? Will an argument be settled? Will a question be finally, fully answered? Er… yes and no. You’ll arrive at a decisive development. For a while, at least, there’ll be no doubt about what’s happening or which direction things are heading in. But you won’t find that somehow, everyone suddenly starts to agree with you about everything! Trust your own judgment but respect the judgement of others. It’s what’s in people’s hearts that counts, not what they say.

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