Pistol-Armed Robbers Bash Couple, Flee With $222,000 in Loot


Police have so far drawn a blank in their search for five armed robbers who broke into a villa at Blahbatuh on December 29 and badly bashed an Italian man, 68, and his Balinese wife, 45, before escaped with goods and valuables estimated to be worth Rp2 billion (US$222,000).

The brazen assault on the locked villa came at 3am. The gang, at least one of whom was armed with a pistol, bashed Alfredo Delgo unconscious with the pistol butt and hit his wife, Wayan Simpreg, before forcing the couple to show them where they kept their valuables.

They then locked Delgo in a walk-in wardrobe and his wife in a bathroom and fled.

Simpreg later managed to escape from the bathroom through a window and went to wake their housemaid, who was sleeping in separate quarters.

Police said the robbers poisoned the house watchdog and turned off the power after scaling the wall and then breaking into the house, at Banjar Cucukan in Medahan village. They found Simpreg asleep in one bedroom and bashed her to make her tell them where her husband was sleeping.

Delgo, asleep in the next room, was woken by the commotion and when he went to investigate was held up with the pistol and then bashed.

Blahbatuh Police chief Wayan Budiasa said the robbers stole a mobile phone, a diamond ring and a Rolex watch and Rp500 million ($55,700) in cash.

Police this week were still searching for the suspects.

Gianyar Police chief Herry Harsono said he had put a special task force onto the job of tracking them down but could make any promises about when or whether the case could be solved.

Meanwhile a shop in Nusa Dua was broken into and a laptop and other computer equipment stolen this week. Shop staff found the door wrecked and open when they arrived to open the shop on Monday.

South Kuta Police are investigating.

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  1. rama Says:

    the Bigger Bali gets with all this wealth, so does the crime…

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Well my question is – what on earth were they doing with $55 000 in cash at the house…… very very silly indeed

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