Thai Woman Held on Death-Count Drug Charge


A Thai sales clerk is facing a potential death sentence after being caught at Ngurah Rai International Airport carrying 35 capsules (428 grams) of methamphetamine capsules, known locally as shabu-shabu.

Jip Jampasuk, 28, was arrested after she arrived on a Thai Airways flight from Bangkok on January 9 when customs officials noticed she looked nervous while putting her backpack through the luggage scanner.

Customs official Made Wijaya said officers interviewed her and did a body search, noticing that her stomach felt hard. “She confessed she had swallowed the capsules,” he said.

She was formally charged on Thursday, when all the evidence had been retrieved.

The woman claimed she was given the drugs, worth Rp856 million (nearly US$95,000) on the street in Indonesia, by a Nigerian man named Steven she had met in Thailand.

The maximum sentence for importing that quantity of illegal drugs is death.

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One Response to “Thai Woman Held on Death-Count Drug Charge”

  1. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    These people never get it. Bali offers unparalleled freedom, fanastic beaches and hospitality that is world famous and yet these druggies peddle banned substances and abuse the laws of Indonesia. Is it conceivable that these folk are lobotomised?