Corby ‘Home Detention’ Plan a Step Closer


Bali’s celebrity prisoner Schapelle Corby and others may be a step closer to being sent home to serve their sentences following a meeting in Jakarta between the attorney general, Basrief Arief, and the secretary of the Australian attorney general’s department, Roger Wilkins.

Australia has been pursuing the prisoner-transfer agreement for more than five years but Jakarta has argued such an agreement would require approval from the House of Representatives.

Wilkins discussed the long stalled prisoner exchange treaty last week with Arief, who was said by the Attorney General’s Office spokesman Babul Khoir Harahap to have responded positively.

“The Australian government is asking for the exchange of prisoners, including Corby. The attorney general responded by saying that he agreed to the request,” Babul said. “But we need to discuss the issue further with the Justice and Human Rights Ministry.”

Basrief said the Corby case was not discussed in the meeting. The Australian is serving a 20-year prison term for smuggling drugs into Bali in 2004.

Under a prisoner-transfer agreement Corby and other Australians could be allowed to serve their prison terms in their own country, and vice versa.

The meeting also discussed extradition of Indonesian graft fugitive Adrian Kiki Ariawan, who has been in Australian detention since November 2008.

Ariawan was sentenced to life in prison for embezzling central bank funds while serving as a director of Bank Surya in 2002.

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29 Responses to “Corby ‘Home Detention’ Plan a Step Closer”

  1. john Says:

    Corby is guilty and does not want to go home to Australia. She loves the days out at the beach and the celebrity status. In Australia she will do real time in jail. This is all a charade.

  2. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    The Indonesian government should not waste money on the board & lodging of convicted drug criminals.

    On being caught they (criminals) should be publicly whipped and then deported to their home country.

    Further a website should be set up with details of the drug smuggler including mug shot, passport number and all other personal details warning all other countries of these merchants of death.

    The money saved can be spent on the welfare of its citizens.

  3. KD Says:

    Wow John, sounds like you smoked the entire bag of MJ that was found in Schapelle’s bag. You might actually try studying facts next time before opening your pie hole.

  4. Alicia Firestone Says:

    “John’s” comment is completely bizarre, obviously he needs to take a bit more water with his whisky. The bottom line is the truth of this matter is hitting the Global newswires very, very soon – and a “Holiday” destination that locks up innocent tourists may want to take note of that.

  5. Nedbo Says:

    John is correct, she is in the night clubs all the time. All the locals no it as do the expats. Just because you might think that she is innocent doesn’t mean she is.

    No time off in an Aussie jail each year. No getting your nails done at the beauty salon, no clubbing. Just cold hard time.

    The facts, that you are all going on about are that she thinks she’s a celebity, she thinks that she will make money out of this when released. The only fact is that she is as guilty as sin and deserves to rot. That’s why she will never be granted clemency as she would have to admit guilt to be eligible. No money if she does.

  6. Peter Says:

    John and Nebro, please show us the evidence. If Miss Corby was on the beach and at nightclubs as you purport, then there would be hundreds of photo’s of taken by other clubbers or beachgoers of Bali’s most famous prisoner.
    Where are these photo’s and name just one expat or local who has seen her out.
    One photo and one name pleae.

  7. Simba Says:

    Nedbo, you really have got NO idea whatsoever. It’s obvious you have sucked in every lie that you, and everyone else, have been fed by the toxic media, and you have absolutely NO knowledge of the truth whatsoever. Get wise mate because you are making a total fool of yourself with every word you write.

  8. scott Says:

    do you really think a person should rot in jail for the rest of there life for possessing pot,if you do your worse for human kind than any pot smuggler!take a hard look at yourself and and at what you are saying because karma will get you for being so harsh,one day you might need someone to help you and you better hope they are not as judgemental as you are.

  9. steve Says:

    oh poor corby cry cry boo who, thats what happens when you stuff up and try it too many times you get caught. there allways was a high demand for decent pot for expats and tourists.too many people haver there ear muffs and blinkers on regarding corby.there there poor schapelle poor girl so misunderstood,so sad cry cry

  10. steve Says:

    johns on the ball

  11. Roy Says:

    Oh poor Steve, boo hoo, another mislead and heartless individual who has NO knowledge of the truth whatsoever.

  12. Sue Holder Says:

    Some of the people on here are animals, absolute animals. To invent lies about a mentally ill woman in serious trouble in a hell hole is sick, twisted an vile. Quite simply, the scum of the earth.

    Those who enjoy her agony: karma, you animals, karma. It will come for you.

    As for the Bali Times, the usual foul propaganda is forthcoming. “Corby ‘Home Detention’ Plan a Step Closer”. Why would ANYONE with ANY objectivity place a headline like that? The usual spiteful ex-pat bile. You are despised by people who come across this rag from across the world, and you make the ex-pats in Bali despised too. Karma is coming.

  13. Mark Wright Says:

    Yuk. Bali Times smearing and bad mouthing Schapelle Corby, AGAIN.

    Yeh, Alicia is right too. The international community is awaking to what Bali does to innocent people, and how it is enjoyed so much by the twisted locals, who also suck on the local economy.

  14. angelina Says:

    i myself have seen corby and several of the bali nine out an about in bali i live in bali and can tell you they get whatever they want if they got the money they can go out for a day or night have whatevere they like

  15. steve Says:

    sue thats a bit extreme youre getting yourself worked up and clouding your judgement,this is a public forum for our comments,what are you doing reading this paper the paper you detest so stongly and people with different veiws than yours,

  16. Simba Says:

    Angelina, not sure what drugs you are smoking, but I happen to know Schapelle and her family very well. I can absolutely assure you and everyone else that, apart from 2 trips to and from hospital, and a trip to the dentist, Schapelle has NOT been out of the prison since she last appeared in court, years ago.

  17. Laura Hart Says:

    She is innocent you foul creatures. She is a mentally ill woman, suffering beyond endurance.

    And we have here the lowest form of humanity rejoicing in that torture, inventing lies, and buying the malicious propaganda of which is spewed out regularly by this gutter rag.

    The ‘Bali Times’ is performing a job here, for their masters, in promoting any lie or smear they can against this broken woman. It is simnply disgusting for the outside world to see.

  18. james wilson Says:

    She will be dead soon, then Bali will be in the limelite forever;k you barbarians

  19. Murray Says:

    Simba is correct. I visited Schapelle in Kerobokan the afternoon she was taken to hospital in May 2009. And believe me it is a HUGE deal to get her out of prison. The police escort has to be there. Australian Consulate staff are present. More guards have to be on alert. Everything has to be synchronised. Media are tipped off… To those who say Schapelle is getting out on visits because she flips a guard some bribe money, I can only laugh. You are either liars, have terrible eyesight, or you are utterly gullible. Ludicrous.

  20. terri Says:

    Leave the girl alone. You dont know if she did or didnt. I dont believe she gets out whenever. She isnt well anyway

  21. Andrew Says:

    8. Scott – Very well put! Let’s keep her “SUPPOSED” crime in perspective. Those of you freaks that condemn Schapelle as if she is a mass mordered – read post #8.

  22. Ted Says:

    Many of us in America support Shapelle whether she is innocent or not. I beleive she is because the trial was handled by incompetent people. Either way she has done more than enough time. Lets get her the hell out of there and no one should ever go to Indonesia again.

  23. isabelle Says:

    i cannot believe so many people (especially Men) condemning schapelle. at her age she should be having a normal life with children, family and friends surrounding her. instead she is wasting her life in hell, getting more and more frustrated and lonely. is she not punished enough? let her go home!! by the way, i do think she is innocent!

  24. andrea Says:

    OMG, what is it with you lot. I don’t believe for 1 second she is guilty. She should be out and so what if she makes some money out of it. So she should to look after herself when she is our. I am in the UK and recently read her book. I want to send her some things to the prison. Am worried she won;t receive it. And those animals who lock her up will enjoy my gifts to her? any where to send it too.

  25. Betty Says:

    It is nice to sit at home in a comfortable armchair and without having enough knowledge about the case – condemn somebody. How it is easy to write: ‘ Schapelle will stay in prison for the rest of her life”. Shame on you who write something so cruel without thinking and finding out first !We all should know something to give an opinion, not only speculate or write total rubbish.I was reading the book about her,I search information in the net to know the latest news about Schapelle and I pray even every day for her release. She has suffered already too much, which being innocent has been even more unbearable.Each of us could have found themselves in a situation like hers. She just was unlucky. I admire her. She is a very strong woman. I am also strong but I know I wouldn’t bear in such conditions. I would rather give up my life. Shapelle one day you will be free !! I do believe in it and I am with you. With my thoughts and my heart…..
    Betty from Poland

  26. yvette Says:

    I am from Canada but was in OZ when this happened to Shapelle and followed the entire case. There is no way she did this….the court case was a JOKE and all evidence was destroyed. Her urine samples were clean, why would ANYONE take a HUGE bag of weed to Bali when you can get it CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP. I pray for justice and her freedom…..She will never be the same woman again….so very sad!

  27. hila Says:

    I have seen the doco’ movie on Schapeel. It’s not right! Indonezia’s justice system is corrupted!!!!! they simply didnt want to admit that there are indonezian people who use tourist so they can smuggle drugs! I hope they will let her come home this year!

  28. Tim Says:

    Angelina you are full of s*it.
    Obviously you have no life so have to make up lies.. Unless you think her sister is Schapelle? maybe you are that dumb that you have seen Mercedes out and think it’s Schapelle.
    I have seen her sister about town a few times and I don’t think they really look alike. her sister alway’s seems to be in good company with plenty of friends. She looks like a nice girl who is liked by the people around her.

  29. jen Says:

    What is happening surely the amount of money the australian government has contributed to refugee, and donated to indonesia, that a hand shake can be sorted and she can be instantly bought back to australia

    this poor girl – is political mule

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