French Tourist Cleaned Out


Buleleng Police are investigating the theft of cash from the hotel room of a French tourist who did not immediately notice the money was missing but reported the theft to Lovina Police later.

Guillaume Fonts, 27, was staying at the Anturan Puspa Rama hotel at Lovina when the theft occurred. He told police he believed the money was taken by a cleaner.

Fonts told police he had left the money, Rp500,000 (US$55) and €200 (Rp2.2 million), with other material on a table, when a cleaner asked him to vacate the room while it was serviced.

Buleleng Police spokesman I Nyoman Sukasena said last week the theft was being investigated. “Police do not yet know the culprit,” he said.

Fonts told police in a statement: “After the cleaner finished I was asked to check that everything was OK. But later, in the afternoon, the money was not there.”

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4 Responses to “French Tourist Cleaned Out”

  1. foreigner Says:

    It seems theft is rampant in Bali. Yesterday I heard of a bule getting robbed of a substantial amount in her house in Mengwi and also there was a bag snatch from Jl Padma in Legian in the middle of the day. I also had many things stolen in a smash and grab from my car whilst standing 5 metres away (about 6 months ago).
    Security needs to be tightened up at the ports. It is well known gangs come here from other islands solely for the purpose of theft. When they get enough they go home..when they run out of money they come back. (Making that statement,I am not saying that all theft is from other islanders, as I do not know of course.)

    It is very difficult for the police to catch these people if no-one can get a licence plate and it all happens so quickly, but the situation as it is, is becoming a negative for Bali tourism. Maybe the tourist police need to be walking the streets and have a presence. As for the non tourist areas, like where I was robbed…I don’t know what can be done. Sad situation really.

  2. bule Says:

    Perhaps the pembantu (maid) thought it was a tip!Don’t we all leave a tip on the furniture?

  3. Gurkha Says:

    What a stupid tourist! putting temptation in the way of someone who is only probably earning Rp.300 k per month.

  4. benny Says:

    he is to blame. you don’t leave money lying on your table in New York or Los Angeles or London or Paris why would you do it here.

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