Monkey and a Nail Drive Students into Screaming Trance


Dozens of fifth- and sixth-grade girls at a Nusasari elementary school fell victim to mass hysteria, claiming they had been possessed by the devil and had seen a monkey and a nail while unconscious in their classroom.

The incident, on January 21, shocked the whole school, according to teachers, and led to the principal’s office being overrun with unconscious but screaming girls carried there from the classroom.

“I was overwhelmed,” said sixth-grade teacher Ni Wayan Sudarni, in whose classroom the incident took place.

“When I asked where the monkey was the kids just said, ‘There, there! There’s the monkey! There’s a nail!’” she said.

Asked again where the apparitions were the students pointed with closed eyes at their classroom from which they had just been removed.

“To make sure there was no real problem, the teachers and the principal went to the classroom. They found nothing,” she said.

One of the students, Ni Made Ayu Anggreni, said: “I do not know what happened.”

But others who had gone into trances said they saw spirits like those associated with Lord Shiva.

“In addition, I also saw a giant ape in a tree in the school yard,” said another.

The tree, which is several decades old, is believed by local people to be haunted.

There had been a smaller incident of a similar nature the day before, affecting only nine students.

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