Handouts With Heart from Denpasar Council


Assistance packages have been handed out in the East Denpasar village of Sumerta, along with a warning from the city’s social welfare coordinator, I.A. Selly Mantra, wife of Mayor I.B. Dharmawijaya Rai Mantra that more needed to be done to ensure disabled people had an opportunity to make a living.

Speaking after the recent handover of 12 hearing aids, three wheelchairs and three walking aids, Mrs Mantra said: “While the value of assistance is not much, we hope it will be useful and ease their suffering.”

She said the assistance given this time – to mark Denpasar’s 19th anniversary as a city – had targeted the elderly and people with disabilities who had skills they could employ to create an income.

Hearing aid recipient Wayan Patra, 76, said being able to hear would be a great benefit. “Thank you Denpasar. The hearing aid is very helpful and I will use it every day,” he said.

Another recipient, Made Supada, who is blind, got money to use as working capital for his massage business. He said Denpasar’s assistance policy was good and fair to people with disabilities.

He said his massage business, now six years old, was running smoothly and he would use his grant money to replace a damaged business nameplate outside his house.

Mother of two Yudiantara, who has been a paraplegic for several years following a road accident, was given a wheelchair to help keep her mobile. She runs a successful business selling coconut products to markets in Java.

Her husband lives away from home at a labouring job.

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