Depressed Divorcé in Phone-Mast Death Leap


A 30-year-old divorced man who clambered up a mobile phone tower in Denpasar in an apparent suicide bid was suffering from depression and had made a previous attempt on his own life, according to relatives.

Police were called after the man, identified as Achmad, was spotted by residents clinging to the upper levels of the telecommunications mast on Jl Pidada at lunchtime February 15. Officers from the Bali Mobile Police Brigade came to the scene and attempted to coax him down.

Achmad had initially climbed to a height of about 50 metres, but once onlookers gathered he climbed towards the top of the tower, around 75 metres above the ground.

Officers using safety equipment climbed the tower to negotiate with the man and to attach a harness to him. According to a police spokesman the entire operation took five hours, and Achmad, who works as a day labourer on building sites around Denpasar, was lowered safely to the ground at 5pm.

Ari, a relative of the would-be jumper who was at the scene, told reporters that Achmad’s wife had recently divorced him.

“He’s been stressed since the divorce,” Ari said, adding that Achmad had made another failed suicide bid the previous day by climbing onto the roof of a house on Jl Pulau Batanta, Denpasar.

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