Tabanan Buys Trash in Recycling Effort


Tabanan’s government has started buying up waste from local communities for recycling as part of official efforts to turn Bali into a “green province.”

Speaking at an event to publicise the project in Tabanan, assistant economy and development secretary I Gusti Ngurah Anom Antara said that Tabanan regent Eka Wiryastuti was giving his full backing to governor Made Mangku Pastika’s Bali Green Province environmental program.

“We’re extremely concerned and give our full support to this program,” he said.

As an initial environmental measure, Antara said that the Tabanan government had begun buying recyclable waste from residents to minimise indiscriminate dumping. Rp5,000 (56 US cents) will be paid for a kilogramme of used plastic bags; empty mineral water cups will fetch a rate of Rp6,500 a kilo, and waste aluminium, iron and steel will be bought at negotiable rates.

The waste will be processed at a recycling plant in Kediri, Antara said, with the waste plastic turned into reusable plastic ore, and organic waste turned into fertiliser that will be given free of charge to local farmers.

Funding of between Rp5 million and Rp10 million from the provincial government will also be available to community organisations, schools and village administrations making successful proposals for local environmental projects.

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