Protection Only for Legal Workers, Says Jobs Boss


The head of the Denpasar Manpower, Transmigration and Social Department has warned jobseekers in Bali that those employed by illegal and unregistered companies can receive no protection from the authorities.

Speaking to the media in the Bali capital, Made Erwin Suryadarma said that the government could only enforce employment regulations on properly licensed companies, and urged labourers and casual workers to take care when seeking employment.

“With illegal companies the status of the employees is not clear.  Before you submit a job application you should ask first at the Manpower Department about the status of the company involved,” Suryadarma said, adding that legally registered companies were obliged to meet obligations to their employees.

“Companies that follow the employment regulations have to comply with the local minimum wage regulations,” he said.

Suryadarma said that the Denpasar authorities were trying to assist jobseekers in the city in finding work.

“We’re setting up an SMS service that will allow jobseekers to access a database of vacancies by mobile phone,” he said. Suryadarma added that there were currently 5,354 people seeking work in Denpasar, but that many had no way of finding out what positions were available.

“Through the SMSes we send out, they’ll know what kind of jobs exist and which companies are seeking employees,” he said, adding that 437 companies had already registered vacancies with the authorities.

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