American Facing Deportation Threatens to Blow Self, Children Up


An American man resident in Bali has barricaded himself and his four young children in his Seminyak villa and is threatening to blow the house up if immigration officers try to break in and deport him.

As of late on Wednesday, Eli Gattenio, 50, remained holed up in the villa, on Saraswati Lane in Jl Dewi Kunti, where a large wardrobe had been placed at the main entrance gate and the windows boarded up.

Speaking to reporters at the location, friends of Gattenio said there was a significant amount of petrol, diesel and gas canisters on the premises that Eli planned to use to blow up the villa if he was forced to be deported back to his homeland.

One friend said the American had earlier threatened to set himself on fire.

The dispute stems from the divorce of Gattenio from his Indonesian wife. The details of his deportation were not immediately clear. Gattenio runs a villa sales and rental company called BaliEstate.

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2 Responses to “American Facing Deportation Threatens to Blow Self, Children Up”

  1. Michael Donnelly Says:

    When everything you have is taken away, and the people you have asked for help have failed you, a person can make desperate decisions under stress. I have experienced those losses and betrayals myself in Bali, see for the details of a similar case. I would like to talk to Mr Gattenio to reassure him that there are ways to continue, with hopes he can please keep the children safe.

  2. Michael Donnelly Says:

    I see on my browser today that “your comment is awaiting moderation.” I did not in fact want my comment published, only hoped that it might be communicated to Mr Gattenio and apparently pushed the Submit button by accident. I have been in touch with the US Consulate offering my services, if the Bali Times can reach Mr Gattenio you can offer again that he can reach me by phone or email, no need to publish my comment. Thanks.

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