Badung Satpol Stops Mengwi Love Inn


Badung public order police (Satpol) arrested seven women suspected of working as prostitutes — and one “dirty couple” caught in the act — in a surprise raid on the Pondok Putri Bali (Princess Cottage Bali) at Penarungan, Mengwi.

The midnight raid last Friday brought the well-known and apparently popular assignation place to a halt. Satpol officers said three of the women arrested were married and another was a school-age girl from Malang, East Java.

Meanwhile Governor I Made Mangku Pastika has repeated his call for Satpol to close cafés – often along highways – that are fronts for prostitution.

He used an address at an anniversary ceremony for the Public Order Agency (Satpol PP) to reiterate the need for urgent action.

“Now let me remind you once again, those cafés have no legal permit, so why let them exist? Are you brave enough and have the courage to close them or not? Me, I’m serious; I mean it,” he told the provincial, district, and city personal of Satpol PP.

Pastika said he realised there were problems for Satpol officers in the field. “There must be powerful persons or institutions behind those illegal cafés, otherwise they wouldn’t dare to even open. But that’s your challenge. Just tell them that this is the Governor’s command.”

The governor also cited the HIV/AIDS consequences of illicit sex establishments. He said 4,000 sex workers in Bali were already listed as infected with HIV/AIDS.

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