UPDATE: Tsunami Alert Issued for Parts of Country

The authorities on Friday warned people living in its eastern areas — including Papua, Maluku and North Sulawesi — to be on guard for tsunamis set off by a major quake off Japan.

“The arrival time of any waves that may be generated is expected at 8pm,” according to an official text message.

A massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake hit Japan on Friday, unleashing a monster 10-metre high tsunami that sent ships crashing into the shore and carried cars through the streets of coastal towns.

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8 Responses to “UPDATE: Tsunami Alert Issued for Parts of Country”

  1. Jega Says:

    Is it safe to visit bali in the next few weeks?

  2. maria Says:

    I’m planning a trip to bali between 25 march and 10 april. I didnĀ“t buy my tickets yet, I was about to do it today. Is it safe to consider going there? For how long are this alerts predicted to last? or is it bali in a risk of tsunami in the next weeks?

    Thank you

  3. Lakshmi Rathnam Says:

    We are planning to travel to Bali for our Honeymoon on 14th March 2011. We were concerned about the tsunami alert issued after Japan Calamity. Could you please tell us if its safe to travel ?

  4. mamta gomilar Says:

    We have planned a vacation to Bali from the 19th of march is it safe to go or is there are any concern????????? or Risk


  5. HS Chin Says:

    Is it safe to travel Bali from 16 to 21 March due to an earth quake/tsunami in Japan?

  6. unbelievable Says:

    to all you people asking here whether there is a a risk of tsunamis now or in the next weeks in regards to the recent events in Japan:

    Dear people; Just look on a map and use your brains and then you have the answer.

  7. m sheikh Says:

    hi i am travelling to singapoor from pakistan 6/4/2011.i have already book my ticket. now i am scared to go because tusnami. please advice me what should i do

  8. m sheikh Says:

    please tell me is this safe go to singapoor at this time becouse of tusnami allert

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