‘Land-Scam’ Lawyer Arrested After Fleeing Interrogation


Police have arrested a Bali-based lawyer who fled interrogation over his alleged role in a Rp37.5 billion (US$4.3 million) land sale.

A fraud complaint was filed almost three years ago by a British man, Nick Hyam, 52, who bought the land.

Lawyer Rizaldy Watruty was being questioned by Bali Police last Friday when he managed to escape and flew to Jakarta. He was arrested there on Tuesday by Jakarta Police, and remains in detention in the capital, The Bali Times understands.

Arrested in Jakarta: Rizaldy Watruty.

Police also arrested an associate of Watruty, Reinta Situmorang, last Friday, Ida Bagus Megeng of the criminal investigations section said.

A third alleged accomplice, Jeannette “Gina” Machura, a Canadian who helped Hyam broker the land deal, had been prevented from leaving Indonesia, Megeng said.

Machura, 46, is believed to be living in Bali.

The case dates back to 2005, when Hyam paid $4.3 million to purchase 2.86 hectares of land near the Echo Beach area of Canggu in North Kuta for a villa development.

Hyam claims a series of frauds were initiated by Waruty and Machura that saw him lose over $400,000. In addition, he claims, the land-title deeds were never given to him, and Situmorang, who owned the land, subsequently tried to sell the plot again.

In December 2009, Hyam succeeded in having Waruty banned from practicing for a year by the Indonesian Lawyers Association (Peradi) for unethical behaviour.

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7 Responses to “‘Land-Scam’ Lawyer Arrested After Fleeing Interrogation”

  1. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    Terima kasih Bali Polisi,for catching the wheeler dealers who give Bali a bad name by cheating people in property deals.

    And thank you Bali Times,
    Please continue reporting on the dealings of crooked wheeler dealers who cheat foreign investors. As a regular feature it would be helpful if your publication could put mugshots of these crooks on the front page of every issue.

  2. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    Thank you Bali Times…nice pic of the crook…maybe readers will recognize him for having committed other shady deals!

  3. Iggy Says:

    Nick Hyam is an idiot for letting things get that out of control. Just another greedy bule that laid down a lot of money before he had any facts or proof. NIck should be ashamed and embarrassed.

  4. Sergio Ferranti Says:

    Well done BALI POLICE!!
    This lawyer is a crook that should be jailed for a long time.



  5. william Says:

    i do not think he is a idiot afterall lawyers should uphold the law and not trying to steal money from “greedy bules” as you call it, it is not the first case that happened in bali that investors get cheated of their money because of crooks that have connections in high circles

  6. someone Says:

    see also another news about this story in bahasa




    Happy reading

  7. mano Says:

    i know very well these people,they took from me 25.000 euros on 2004,jeannete machura organize,think all the frauds and she was very well connected with many lawyers so it was easy for her to cheat…this woman must be in prison for many many years,she is very dangerous woman,she involved also in case of drugs together with a mysterious guy who has to do with the night life in bali…i know them very well…she took from me 25.000 euros and i stay in lp kerobokan 2 years…this woman is devil..please arrest her and put in a very very deep cell so she will never see again the sun…

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