Hunger-Striking Anand Krishna Rushed to Hospital


Spiritual guru Anand Krishna was taken to hospital after collapsing at a Jakarta court as his sex-abuse trial resumed on Wednesday, on the eight day of a hunger strike to protest his detention by judges.

“Today when he arrived at the South Jakarta District Court at 2:20pm to attend the hearing, he collapsed. He was in a very critical condition,” Krishna’s spokesman, Hadi Susanto, told The Bali Times.

Krishna, 54, stopped eating on March 9 when Judge Hari Sasangka ordered him incarcerated as the trial, which began last August, continues. The three-member panel of judges had decided that because the charge carried a sentence of more than five years, the defendant should be imprisoned.

The spiritual guru, who runs meditation centres in Jakarta and Bali and has worked on peace missions with the Dalai Lama, is accused of sexually abusing a former student, Tara Laksmi, 20, who said she was hypnotized by the spiritual leader. He denies the charge, saying it is “politically motivated.”

In an earlier statement to The Bali Times, Krishna, whose foundation organises an annual international meditators’ festival in Ubud, said he was shocked by his jailing.

“I feel oppressed by the judge’s determination to detain me, since during the trial we have been very cooperative.” He said his hunger strike was “a protest at the judgment, which I believe is very inhuman and even not considering my health problems where I should be on a very strict diet.”

Krishna, a former columnist for The Bali Times, said he was prepared to die rather than be silenced.

“Let me die if that’s what people who arise and funded this case wanted — to silence my voice of nationality, harmony mission and my principle of unity in diversity.”

In the lead-up to the trial police had wanted to arrest Krishna as they conducted their investigation, but Krishna collapsed during interrogation and was taken to hospital, where doctors said he was suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure.

Krishna’s lawyer, Darwin Aritonang, said the court’s detention of his client was unlawful.

“A person can be arrested before a final verdict due to three points of consideration, which are preventing suspect from removing evidence, preventing the suspect’s escape and preventing suspect from repeating his or her criminal action. All of those premises are irrelevant in this case.”

Aritonang claimed Krisha’s incarceration, at Cipinang Prison in Jakarta, would negatively impact his health.

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21 Responses to “Hunger-Striking Anand Krishna Rushed to Hospital”

  1. Ahmad Djauhari Says:

    Pray for you Sir.
    May God always be with you.

  2. mikell Says:

    Get well soon mr.krishna. The truth will prevail !!

  3. winny Harsono Says:

    No stop, no surrender.
    Your voice is our voice.

  4. corrupted law Says:

    Why someone who has been very cooperative to the trial that even up till now since august can’t provide any significant proof of evidence can detain someone.

  5. injustice Says:

    Anand krishna has been all this time for almost 20 years trying to glorify Indonesia’s name toward the world by writing almost 140 books abt indonesia’s culture, heritage, politics, history, how to empower our self for the betterment of Indonesia. Also creating several organization with one vision One Earth One Sky One Humankind. N this is how we as indonesian treated him ? After all of his contribution… Shame on us

  6. Hento Says:

    Anand Krishna strongly promote Bhineka Tunggal Ika and Panacasila as a way of life to be implemented. His Vision: One Earth One Sky One Humankind. His Mission: to create enlightened society. Many times he went abroad to promote Bhineka Tunggal Ika and Indonesian’s local wisdom…
    Salute for Anand Krishna…… Get well soon….

  7. Bunga Says:

    Get well soon Mr Anand, Indonesia need you

  8. Haryadi Says:

    My sympathy for Bapak Anand Krishna! Rarely a person dares to take a risk on himself to seek justice and to defend his principle of unity in diversity. May you get well soon, Pak Anand! Indonesia needs you!

  9. Ren Says:

    Dear Lord, Please Save This great Man, I See former Founding Fathers spirit’s (Soekarno and Gus Dur) in Him, Save this man means Save INDONESIA’s Pluraism

  10. aya Says:

    Bad things happen to good people

  11. jan Says:

    Anand Krishna has endured many injustices. This case has gone beyond fair. I am really sure he’s innocent. Look that countless benefit he has done to this nation. He’s a true man of integrity.

  12. Magdalena susanti Says:

    This is terrible situation for this country, Indonesia under attack by terorisss!! We must aware abaut this!

  13. Agung Says:

    Free Anand Krishna for Justice!

  14. Mark Ulyseas Says:

    This is not about Anand Krishna being guilty or not, this persecution has other sinister aspects to it. A number of my friends in Bali think so, and so do I. Incarcerating Krishna makes no sense but then when has sense been part of certain judicial pronouncements…it all depends who carries the bigger stick.

    This treatment of Anand Krishna is shameful and is reflective of the growing intolerance to minorities.

  15. kadek Says:

    Free Anand Krishna,get well soon…..

  16. Berliana Says:

    Mr. Anand Krishna is an Indonesian world peace & pluralism fighter who has more than 20 years struggling through his real work. He is now arrested and silenced in prison whereas the court still on process and the witnesses have not been heard. Let the whole world see that there is a non violence protest in Indonesia..
    GBU, Mr. Anand Krishna..

  17. Susanti Says:

    Disintegration became more urgent in this country. Hopefully, Anand Krishna’s nonviolence struggle for peaceful, pluralism & human rights as previously moved by Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. will inspire the awakening towards enlightened Indonesia.

  18. Parwati Says:

    I absolutely agree with Mark Ulyseas……lots of us not only in Bali but all over the world know what’s going on? is the truth still can be bargained or bought? will justice be implemented for this matter?

    the process of this matter is being watched carefully by the whole world, not only by the Hindu community in Indonesia.

    i like your last sentence “…….is shameful and is reflective of the growing intolerance to minorities”………………….

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  20. Djanshen Says:

    Many anomalies are seen in this case. It’s a shame how this country is treating her countrymen. No wonder, no progress is happening in this country.

  21. Angelina Says:

    We love you mr Anand Krishna, we proud of you!!!

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