Buleleng Planner Backs Gerokgak Airport


Buleleng’s chief planner, Gede Darmaja, has said it is crucial the proposed North Bali airport goes ahead because of the multiplier effect it will have on the area’s economy and jobs and because Bali badly needs a second international airport.

Darmaja, head of the regional development planning board (Bappeda), said the ideal site was the Lt Col Vishnu airfield at Gerokgak, where there was existing infrastructure on which to expand and the land form suited an airport.

But he said local issues over land ownership needed to be resolved before the project could go ahead and he doubted that the central government would intervene.

Residents in three Gerokgak area villages would have to move to accommodate the airport if it was built there.

There were alternative sites at Sawan and Tejakula but they were on prime agricultural and irrigation land.

Indonesia and India have signed a memorandum of agreement to begin joint development of a North Bali airport in 2013.

Darmaja said preliminary technical studies for the Gerokgak airport site were one-third complete. “The results so far are very encouraging,” he said.

Buleleng Regent Putu Bagiada has pledged not to profit from development of an airport in the regency. “I do not intend to take advantage,” he said.

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